Requested: have the right to you make a Cody Christian smut wherein he’s dom and also it’s yes, really rough and dirty. If you don’t that’s entirely cool too.

You satellite in her room trying to block out all the noise your brother and also his friends to be making. Her parents were away on a business trip and they were throwing a party. It began at 8 and it was now 4 something. Friend were at this time trying to choose out one outfit because that tonight. You and your brothers room twins however you nothing look alike. Both of you space 17 and also are gonna graduate this year. That’s one of the reason we are throwing this party. You were looking at 2 shirts as soon as you heard a vast bang from under stairs. You quickly rushed down there no caring you to be wearing a sporting activities bra and also leggings.

“What the hell is going on down here.” You claimed making your method into the life room. Every head in the room turned to look in ~ you including Cody. Cody was your brothers finest friend feeling they to be kids. You have always wanted him. Friend two prospered up together and also you just arisen feelings because that him over time.

“Put some apparel on.” friend heard your brother groan as he shielded his eyes.

“I don’t mind the view.” among his friends said winking at you. Friend could’ve swore you experienced Cody clench his jaw.

You huffed before saying, “ simply keep the down.” girlfriend turned around after that and went ago upstairs. You decided to take it a shower after you obtained your outfit together. It contained a ricochet crop top through black ripped jeans topped off through your combat boots. You acquired in the shower head washing her hair through your green apple shampoo and conditioner. Friend washed your body v your vanilla body wash prior to washing her face. You then got out and brushed your teeth after drying off. You had actually a towel approximately your body and a bath towel in her hair. You put lotion top top your confront letting it settle in prior to going to your mirror with your consist of in prior of it. You sat under in the chair law a wing v a naked sparkly eye. You did your mascara prior to putting ~ above lip gloss. Friend looked a the clock ~ that and realized it was 6:30. Friend just had actually to rush to do whatever else friend thought. You blow dryer her hair before curling it and clipping one side back to do it look prefer a swoop where your bangs are. Girlfriend dropped the towel placing deodorant on. You put your underwear on not caring about wearing a bra. You grabbed the shirt putting it over her head. As soon as you did you heard someone open up the door. You easily threw the shirts on prior to covering yourself through the towel. “Get out.” girlfriend yelled. After the door shut girlfriend heard a voice with it. “I was simply coming to view if you were gonna come help collection up a little.” your body tensed up as you known the voice. That was the voice of the one and only Cody Christian. You put your hands over your confront as friend blushed. “Yeah i’ll be there after ns get totally ready.” friend yelled. “Okay.” friend heard the say prior to going downstairs. You stood there because that a second thinking about the truth that he just saw your boobs and half naked body. You shook away her thoughts before you put on her pants and also shoes. Girlfriend looked at you yourself one more time before going downstairs. As soon as your go you witnessed alcohol lined up and decorations everywhere. Friend spotted Cody before turning and go the other direction. Friend asked one of your brothers friends what castle needed aid with. Castle needed every little thing outside set up so that’s what you did. Friend went exterior and set up the chairs approximately the pool and blew up every the floaties before going back inside. Together you slide open the door and step threw girlfriend ran right into someone do you go back. They got to out your hands and also grabbed her waist pulling you earlier up.

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“Sorry.” you said easily looking up placing your hands on your chest come balance yourself. You realized it was the friend the made the comment earlier.

“It’s it s okay I nothing mind recording you once you fall.” He said smirking. You just laughed and also pulled back from him. Girlfriend shut the doors before turning back around. Once you did you observed Cody was standing behind Jack spring angry. Girlfriend didn’t know why you just shrugged that off and went come the life room waiting for people to present up which have to be any minute. It to be 7:50 now. You satellite there scrolling through Instagram when you heard the door bell ring. You jumped up to run to the door. You opened it stepping aside letting the world standing there in. You made decision to leave the door open atleast for an hour so people didn’t need to ring the door bell everytime. You walked ago up stairs come roll some joints because that yourself. You obtained into her room and went to her closet. You pulled out your crate that had eye drops, weed, gum and also a lighter. Her bowl you maintained inside a jewel box alongside your bed and also your grinder. Girlfriend went and sat on her bed. You pulled out the rest that you necessary to roll the joints and also started. Girlfriend rolled about 5 joints prior to lighting one. You sat there hitting it because that a second. You put all your stuff in the drawer next to your bed. Girlfriend hit it a few more times prior to grabbing the joints you rolling and additionally your weed and also heading downstairs. As soon as you stepped down the stairs girlfriend looked approximately hitting the joint. There to be a the majority of people currently there and you knew there were more coming. Girlfriend walked come the kitchen putting yourself a shot prior to taking it. You take it a fight from the share after you placed the glass down.

“I didn’t understand you smoked weed.” friend heard Cody say as he came up next to you.

“I nothing know how you didn’t. Ns sneak off and also smoke all the time.” You stated laughing.

“I recognize you sneak off I simply didn’t recognize it was for that I believed you had actually like a an enig boyfriend or something.” He claimed laughing.

You laughed as well. “Yeah favor anyone would want me.” You said holding it the end for him to take. He simply shook his head and you shrugged her shoulders. You poured two more shots prior to taking them. “Do you desire to take one through me.” friend asked the looking him in the eyes.

“I um.. You have to slow down yet I’ll take one with you.” he said. You to water two more shots and handed the on. You two clinked glasses before taking the shots. When you satellite the glass down you gained closer to Cody. You were feeling great and wanted to invest time with him alone.

“Do girlfriend wanna pertained to my room through me and also smoke? I recognize you exhilaration btw you don’t have to hide it from me.” You stated in his ear.

“How did you know?” He said leaning in closer come you.

“You come over smelling choose weed every the time and my brother is a stoner.” You reply laughing your heart pump faster. “So room we simply gonna stand here or room we gonna go smoke.” You stated pulling back.

“Let’s go.” He said grabbing her hand and also pulling you as much as your room. You got in and he shut the door and also locked it. “Don’t want anyone comes in and also smoking up all our stuff.” He stated pulling the end his bag too. Your confront lit up together you smiled.

“You’re awesome.” You said laughing. Friend pulled the end the 4 joints you had actually hooked to your hand through your hairbow. You lit one and then pasted it to him. You guys finished up smoking cigarettes 2 of your joints and he rolled a blunt which friend smoked too. You 2 layed next to each other.

“Why did girlfriend come downstairs choose that earlier?” He claimed breaking the silence.

“What execute you mean?” you asked.

“Half naked.” He claimed looking in ~ you in her eyes.

“Honestly I obtained worried someone obtained hurt.” you said. “And ns didn’t really think about it.” friend added.

“Don’t ever do that again once that many world are over.” He stated aggressively.

“Who space you mine dad?” you scoffed.

“No however you don’t have to be mirroring your body favor that.” He claimed clenching his jaw.

“And who perform you think you space telling me that?” you said. Actually acquiring alittle irritated.

He no say anything he simply layed back. Girlfriend huffed and also did the exact same thing. “Why do you care so much.” You said after a second.

“Because…..because ns care about you. Your my bestfriends tiny sister.” that said.

That went directly to her heart. He simply friend zoned you. Friend couldn’t think he actually just friend zoned you. “Well continue to be out of mine business.” You snap a small hurt.

His eyes gained dark because that a second. “No one need to be allowed to check out your body.” he said.

“I’m no a virgin you know. Someone has seen my body. And you can not tell me what to do.” You bit back.

“Who?” Was every he claimed emotionless.

“Does it yes, really matter?” You claimed thrown off.

“Who?” He said leaning increase closer come you.

“Jack.” You said looking down.

“What?” He said loudly. “Are girlfriend serious? i’m gonna to win his ass. Is he the just one?” that asked was standing up.

“Yes.” You said looking back up at him.

“He took your virginity?” He claimed fuming.

“Yeah.” friend squealed gaining scared. You experienced he as he headed for the door. “Where room you going?” you said putting your hand on his chest and pushing him back a small bit.

“I’m going to beat his ass relocate out of my way.” he said getting in your face.

“No ns not relocating you should calm down. I don’t desire anyone come know.” You said bucking ago up come him. The stood there for a 2nd looking right into your eyes difficult as girlfriend did the same. He ultimately backed down pacing ago in forth in the room. Girlfriend stood between him and also the door making certain he didn’t try to leave again.

“I can’t believe you let the fuck you.” He said running his hand threw his hair.

“It doesn’t really issue who i fuck. He provides me cum and also that’s all the matters.” You stated crossing your arms.

“It’s happened more then once.” that yelled.

“Yeah.” You claimed in a duh tone.

He stopped and also looked at you. Prior to you knew what to be happening he to be coming right for you. You thought he was around to relocate you to the side however were shocked once he smashed his lips ~ above yours. He put his hands behind your thighs choose up and slamming you into the door. Friend moaned right into his mouth running her hands threw his hair reasoning this to be a dream. Possibly you acquired to high and fell asleep and your childhood to like his no kissing friend while playing with your nipple right now. You pulled away from him before saying, “What room you doing?” girlfriend asked trying to capture your breath native the psychic blowing kiss.

“I’m showing you that you belong to.” the said before going for your neck. He began leaving an extremely dark and huge love bites everywhere. Friend threw her head back and moaned loudly. His native made you so wet you might feel the coming the end of her pussy. “I’m gonna show you what the feels favor to be through a real man.” the said prior to kissing you again. He to be 2 years older climate you and also had currently graduated. He take it you off the door kissing you. He put you under hands walking to your waist.

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“I want you to piece for me.” He claimed in her ear before kissing your neck. “Leave the panties on.” He stated slapping her ads before sitting ~ above the bed getting full view of her body. You turned around and looked in ~ him. You began to gradually dance to the music that blasted v the house. You began with your shirt pulling it turn off stepping closer come him slowly. You continued to dance as you got over come him. Girlfriend unbottoned her pants before transforming around. Girlfriend bent down pulling her pants through you shaking your ass together you did. That slapped your ass growling. Girlfriend moaned before slipping the end of the pants totally kicking them to the side. You continued to run in former of him with your ads encountering you. He got hold of your hips pulling you into his lap. He relocated his hand over your clothed pussy rubbing your clit. “Don’t tease me.” He said biting your ear. You moaned throwing your head back.

“Yes sir.” You stated enjoying him poignant you. He thrust you up onto her feet prior to laying friend on her back. He placed his mouth on her nipple before rubbing the various other one. You arched your earlier and pulled him closer with your legs making her groins hit each others. The mouthed against your nipple switching his mouth come the other one. Girlfriend moaned together he continued. He stopped after a when of teasing prior to kissing down to your underwear. He licked a line where your underwear started making friend tremble. He progressively pulled under your underwear v his teeth prior to hoisting her legs end his shoulders. “I’m about to make you feel so good.” he said before diving into your. He began doing the alphabets together he ate you out. You ordered his hair pushing her hips additional to his face. He got your hand lacing his fingers through yours holding castle down. You to be a moaning mess above him. “Oh shit uh ns gonna cum.” You said throwing your head back. He pulled earlier after your claimed that.

“What the hell?” you said raising up.

“I want you come cum on my dick.” He claimed licking a few more times before standing up. That pulled out a condom and also stripped. He put the condom on prior to getting in the middle on her legs. “I’ve want to do this for so long.” He stated looking down at you prior to sliding in. He to be so lot bigger climate Jack and also you needed a moment to obtain used come it. As soon as you go you relocated your hips come let him down that you to be good. That went slow at first before he began going faster. As shortly as he did her head flew back and her eyes rolled. “Oh shit.” girlfriend moaned. “Did he ever make you feel this way?” the asked walking faster. “N-no.” you moaned. That wrapped his hand about your throat. “Look at me.” that said. You did and virtually came best then and also there. That mouth was hung open and he was looking at you with a irradiate in his eye. “Did he ever make you clench around his cock like ns am?” He said moaning. “No.” friend screamed together an orgasm struggle you. This triggered something in Cody and also he flipped girlfriend over. He shoved your challenge into the bed prior to grabbing her arms and also holding castle on your ago by his hand. You screamed into the bed together he relentlessly pounded into you. “Uhhhhhhh.” girlfriend moaned loudly. He pulled you ago up against him together he supplied his various other hand to obstacle your clit. Girlfriend shaked and trembled together your felt an additional orgasm develop up. “I’m gonna cum. Five fuck.” You stated throwing her head ago on his shoulder. “Cum for me.” he moaned right into your ear. Girlfriend did just was he said as you slammed under on his penis cumming. This motivated his orgasm together he threw his head back screaming your name. He rode out your orgasms tho rubbing your clit together you layed top top his shaking. He soon protect against as that let girlfriend layed under on her stomach. That slapped your ass as you looked up in ~ him. The smiled in ~ you.

“I love you.” you said prior to thinking. His smiled dropped as he looked shocked. “Umm..i median like-” prior to you could finish his lips were ago on yours.

“I love friend too.” He claimed pulling away. Girlfriend smiled up at him prior to snuggling into his chest. Friend two finished up smoking an additional joint prior to heading to bed.

I hope you like it. I m really sorry if you don’t smoke weed ns do and I like to combine that into my stories periodically when ns can.