This Coleman Cimmaron 8-Person modification Dome Tent evaluation is around a distinctive structure the is a mix that a dome and also tunnel tent, v a floor vent and also a zippered fly.

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Coleman Cimmaron 8-Person amendment Dome tent front view.

Key attributes & benefits

Unique frame construction.Floor vent.Partial coverage paris with ago zipper.Very tall tent.One door.3 Windows.Freestanding.E-cable port.Great price.

What is in the name

This tent has actually been on the industry for countless years already. The picture below expose the framework of the tent and as friend see, this is not a conventional dome tent together the surname suggests. There space two long poles that create loops, and in the middle two brief crossed poles are added to stabilize these main poles. But those brief poles are only ridge poles top top the ceiling.

This is the Cimmaron 8 tent without the fly.

The word ‘modified’ in the name is obviously there to indicate that this is prolonged dome however this is no so. Together you see, this is one elongated structure and the two side poles are added to support the tent’s sides. All in all, this is no a dome tent although the looks favor one, but this is a unique construction.

Note that, as result of the two quick ridge poles, the time is virtually self-supporting and freestanding as soon as all the poles room in place. The short poles pat a critical role below to stabilize the tent, and it is freestanding because of the tension produced in the fabric. However as usual, it have to be staked down properly, and the stakes space included.

The fly is partial coverage type so it protects only its mesh ceiling. But it has an interesting information on the back, a zipper that allows you to open up the fly as soon as the skies is clear and also this create a ago window. You have the right to see it in the photo how it looks once the fly is closed:

Back view through the fly. Observe the paris zipper and also the floor vent.

The picture below shows just how it looks indigenous inside as soon as the discussed fly zipper is open, you gain a triangular back window. The time is a single-room and solitary door construction. Keep in mind that that is very tall v its 80 customs (203 cm) top height, for this reason this is a really pleasant and also roomy structure.

View within from the door.

Note the you have a comparable fly features likewise in this Wenzel Bristlecone 8 human being Modified Dome Tent built in a similar style and also the same main capacity.


Apart indigenous the mentioned back window which is in duty only when the paris is unzipped, the tent has 3 regular windows in total. The two small half-moon shaped home windows on the narrow sides room unusual by the shape and the design, both are twin layer with mesh and a zippered panel. The same double-layer framework is the window on the door.


This tent has actually plenty the mesh top top the canopy, and also the windows are also with mesh as one option. The paris is minimal and vapor have the right to escape top top the sides and on the front. As soon as the sky is clear you can likewise unzip the earlier and enjoy under the stars.

But castle have included a an extremely useful and huge back vent i m sorry you have the right to see in the picture below. So with all these facets together, you will always have an excellent ventilation in this tent.

The floor vent ~ above the back.


The poles

The poles space fiberglass, this is not a specifically strong material yet it is usual in budget plan tents. Coleman is a huge brand and they generally do provide materials and also spare parts in the case of damage.

The poles affix to the basic of the tent v the normal pin and ring system. Top top the canopy you have sleeves. I know that some people do not favor sleeves, yet this is a great design due to the fact that the pressure is spread all along the pole and also this provides the structure more stable and stronger.

The fabric

As for the fabric, there is no information about its waterproof rating. This is disappointing, yet this is frequent with this brand. All they speak is what is presented in the pictures below, this is a component of your usual WeatherTec design:

The Coleman WeatherTec design.

This implies i) their inverted seams for increased weather resistance, the definition is the needle holes are covert inside the tent, ii) you have actually zipper protection, and also iii) they insurance claim it is engineered come be solid and much more wind-responsive.

This is a polyester, and most likely 150D, so the is quite strong and durable. The floor is a thick and completely waterproof polyethylene v welding and a bathtub shape.

Other featuresThere is one E-cable port.A pair that very tiny pockets top top the walls, obviously far from enough.

Who is the for

Regarding the area, the dimensions room such that the area is close to 126 ft² (11.7 m²), yet strictly speaking it is not fully rectangular for this reason this is just an estimate. They execute not provide the specific value, the true area is clear a little bit smaller.

The claimed capacity is 8 people and this would typical up come 15.75 ft² (1.46 m²) per person which is not bad and also it is sufficient to ar 8 sleeping pads ~ above the floor. But for real family camping, I would certainly downgrade that by half. In any kind of case, you deserve to put two queen dimension beds inside and also still have plenty of an are in the middle.

Regarding climate and also seasons, I see it finest suited for as much as two periods in the warmer component of the year, it is well-ventilated and with openings on every sides.

With such a fly and also in view of that is weight and the pole material, that is ideal to avoid strong winds. Together usual, I would strongly indicate that you test it in the garden, spray the with lots of water and also check because that leaks.

Regarding the weight, the time is center light v its 21.12 lb (9.6 kg) the weight. Its packed size 28 x 10 x 8 inch (71 x 25 x 20 cm) is really an excellent for together a huge tent. Yet in any type of case, this is a tent for places with a motorized access.

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Declared capacity: 8 people.Weight: 21.12 lb (9.6 kg).Dimensions: 168 x 108 in (427 x 274 cm).Area: roughly 126 ft² (11.7 m²).Area every person: 15.75 ft² (1.46 m²).Peak height: 80 in (203 cm).Packed size: 28 x 10 x 8 in (71 x 25 x 20 cm).Poles: fiberglass.Setup time: 15 minutes.

Final think & rating