Colin Egglesfield is a well-known actor who has actually played mockery Madden on the long-running soap opera every My Children and Auggie Kirkpatrick top top Melrose Place. Complying with his breakout illustration in the TNT TV collection Rizzoli & Isles, his fame grew also further. From 2016 come 2018, he illustrated Bradley Wheeler in the TV collection Lucifer. He likewise appeared in A Stranger in Paradise, an are Between Us, and Reprisal, among other films.

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Colin Egglesfield’s net Worth

Colin Egglesfield (SOURCE:

Colin Egglesfield has amassed a sizable fortune via his acting career, v a Celebrity net worth the roughly $3 million, follow to Celebrity net Worth. The starred in the 2011 romantic comedy movie Something Borrowed, which to be an prompt blockbuster at package office, generating much more than $60 million against a $35 million production budget. Every one of his jobs have actually been well received, and he is fine compensated. In addition, he own a dog.

Colin Egglesfield’s Childhood and also Education

Colin Egglesfield to be born Colin Joseph Egglesfield top top February 9th, 1973, in Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA, under the zodiac sign Aquarius. That is catalen Egglesfield’s and William Egglesfield’s son. He is that American nationality and also comes native a varied ethnic lift in terms of ethnicity. His mom is of ireland descent.

Egglesfield thrived up in a Catholic family with his 2 siblings, Kerry Egglesfield, his older sister, and Sean Egglesfield, his younger brother. At the age of ten, he and his family were relocated come Morris, Illinois. He went ~ above to study at the university of Iowa ~ graduating from Marian Catholic High School.

Colin Egglesfield’s occupational Experience

Colin Egglesfield walk on to guest star in a variety of shows, consisting of Nip/Tuck, The Street, Gilmore Girls, Law and Order: distinct Victims Unit, Charmed, and also others. That went on to star alongside Diane Lane, john Cusack, Dermot Mulroney, and Ali Hillis in the film must Love Dogs. In the long-running television series All my Children, he played Josh Madden.

Colin Egglesfield’s various other credits include a role in Beautiful Dreamer, a film he wrote and also directed, which winner the compensation for finest America Full attribute Film. He’s additionally renowned for his functions in Melrose Place and also the movie adaption of Something borrowed as Auggie Kirkpatrick. He’s likewise made an illustration in The client List. Colin Egglesfield own his own clothes business, Shout out Clothing, and has been called one the the sexiest men alive. In 2017, he landed a duty in the film The room Between Us. The went on come play in the film Reprisal the adhering to year. The actor illustrated Bradley Wheeler in the American fantasy police procedural drama TV series Lucifer from 2016 come 2018. In addition, Egglesfield and Tyler Neitzel are co-founders the the actual estate firm phase 2 Properties. The company renovates dwellings on Chicago’s south Side.

Colin Egglesfield’s an individual Life

Colin Egglesfield is a gifted and also attractive actor with a large female following. In 2009, he dated Stephany Jacobson, a stunning woman. Till 2011, the pair had actually only been together for 2 years. The reason for your breakup has yet to it is in revealed.

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 Colin Egglesfield (SOURCE: CelebrityFact)

In the year 2012, Colin Egglesfield was said to be date Jennifer Love Hewitt. However, the details was never ever verified. In the year 2014, the actor started a relationship with Malin Akerman, a sweden actress, model, and also singer. However, after a year of dating, the two damaged up. The actor has never married and also is not currently dating anyone.

Body Dimensions

Height: he stands at 6 feet 0 inches high (1.83m).Age: the is 48 year old together of 2021.He is 88 kg in load (195 lbs).Chest Measurement: 42 customs (106 cm)33-inch waist (83 cm)15 customs of biceps (38 cm)Blue is her eye color.Black hair colorAthletic physique

Facts of Colin Egglesfield

 Date the Birth: Age: Birth Nation: Height:NameBirth NameFatherMotherNationalityBirth Place/CityEthnicityProfessionNet WorthEye ColorHair ColorWeight in KGAffair withGirlfriendMarriedEducationMoviesTV ShowSiblings 
1973 , February-9
48 years old
United claims of America
6 Feet
Colin Egglesfield
Colin Joseph Egglesfield
William Egglesfield
Farmington Hills, Michigan
Mixed(Irish, English)
$3 million
82 kg
Malin Akerman
Malin Akerman
Marian Catholic High School, college of Iowa
Autumn Dreams
Kerry, Sean