Conair"s Infiniti pro Rainbow Titanium 1"" level Iron provides 89% straighter results causing less frizz. Rainbow titanium plates sell superior heat conductivity that penetrates hair native within for fast, silky straight results.

services Rainbow Titanium key glide effortlessly over hair because that polished, soft results; Smooth, not frizzy rapid styling with extra-long key functions Ultra high warm 455 degrees F warmth for every hair type: 30 warm settings--choose the appropriate one because that you True Ceramic heater heats up in 15 seconds and maintains warm level v fast and also consistent heat skilled length 6 ft cord Auto Shut off

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LOVE this affordable straightener!!!

My Remington straightener died a couple days back and I wanted to buy a nice titanium one since I usage my straightener everyday (for curling or straightening) and my ceramic one was KILLING my hair. I have had everything from CHI, Remington, and hot tools yet I to be so thankful ns came throughout this affordable titanium coated one. I simply used it because that the first time and I am in love v it. No pulling ~ above hair, glides very easily, and is simple on the eyes. The just thing I had a difficulty with was fly aways, yet that is probably since I need some warm protectant or was curling mine hair v it. If buying a titanium straightener isn"t in your budget, this is the finest straightener girlfriend will gain for a nice price!

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Works well because that fine hair

I choose this product and also it offer its purpose. For someone with fine hair that does not need high high heat, daily use and also is on a budget it functions wonderfully. Yet the plates perform not close evenly across the iron. The only place the key touch room at the tip of the iron, when you put hair v the bowl it will certainly still job-related like it is an alleged to yet can reason snagging or pulling that hair. Its simple to stop as lengthy as you"re conscious of the issue. If plates do even call it would certainly be the perfect tool.

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Reviewed by 475 customers



Cheryl fromBoston, MA

Absolutely works similar to a chi

Great tool!


Meschelle fromFlorida

I"ve used this together with the equivalent blowdryer because that a year & no one of the metallic color has chipped nor scratched. It still look at brand new! I certainly recommend any type of hair styling tools from InfinitiPro. An excellent value, an excellent quality products.

So far, I"m satisfied


me fromla

Use this product several times a week... Satisfied with it and also would buy it again

Favorite straightener


mahin fromBuffalo NY

This works soooo well. It does warmth up really rapid & to a an extremely high temperature or whichever temperature you put it to. It runs through your hair choose butter and doesn"t traction on hair so i love that. Also curled my hair with it and it left the curls nice and soft and also bouncy. Only thing that deserve to be a tiny annoying is not being able come see precisely what temperature the straightener is on yet it"s not too much of a problem.

I wouldn"t recommend


Rayray fromPhiladelphia

I don"t choose the product at every , ns wouldn"t recommend it to any type of of mine friends. The left my hair feeling really rough , my key pet peeve was exactly how it wasn"t obtaining my roots.

The reviews to be on point!!!


SweetDEE fromWashington DC

I"m for this reason pleased the these irons. I obtained both sizes throughout the sale. They really straighten her hair in one pass. Unbelievable!! that has different temperature setup so if I just want mild taming and stretching, I simply turn the to low heat. This is the an initial flat iron that I"ve been happy with. My hair doesn"t feel choose straw afterwards.

Great product


Ria fromNew York

Great for rapid styling. This straightener leaves my end processed bleached straw prefer texture silky smooth and also that"s even on the shortest setting. Love this product!

Plates did no touch.


Mary Ann fromVirginia

It seems choose a great size because that straightening however the key did no meet, good or slim hair could slip through. Reasonable price top top sale.

Does a good job and also the price range is reasonable. T


Mary Ann fromVirginia

It is reasonable price specifically on sale, and has variable warmth temps. I usage it to tame some misdirected curls and to smooth. I also root lift with it. The plates execute not accomplish but because my hair is for this reason thick, ns can deal with it however do not choose this.

i love this


val frompayson, utah

i really favor this straightener i would definitely recommend it! heats increase fast, works great, sleek looking. It does the job!

So sleek


blondhrsecrzy fromWA state

I have actually literally make the efforts 10+ various straighteners over the past 5 years. My problem is I have actually thick hair it is bleached so I need something the is hot enough to straighten yet doesn"t fried food it...and this is perfect. The beats out my $200 one! ns wish i would had actually bought sooner.

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Pleased beyond words


Dee fromWaunakee WI

Even though ns have really coily, course hair it got it also straighter 보다 a previous flat iron that price $100. I would certainly recommend to a friend.

the BEST!!!


angie fromamityville, NY

I have thick curly hair and straightening mine hair used to take me 2.5 hours yet with this???? reduced it by one hour and my hair would certainly be SLEEEEKKKKKKK! love love love

Great flat Iron