This Conan Exiles Camps and NPC Locations overview will try to highlight as many useful locations as possible where players can discover thralls and also other resources.

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While recognize resources and also enemies by yourself in one open-world game has its own charm, as soon as the world is as big and dangerous as the one in Conan Exiles, having a map have the right to be fairly handy.

These NPCs and also Thralls deserve to be captured and also then damaged on the wheel the pain therefore players have the right to recruit them.

For much more help ~ above Conan Exiles, read out ours Thrall capturing Guide, Leveling Guide, and Race & religion Guide.

Conan Exiles Camps and also NPC Locations

Since it is not possible to note every place on the map, the guide will still encompass the most major and simple to find settlements so players don’t have to search about when they go on a farming run

Story NPCs


The OutcastBragaConanGilzan the endowment HunterRazma the ShemWarmaker KlaelThe ArchivistThe MountaineerMuriela the ArtisanChild the Jhebbal SagMek-kamosesJamila the Pirate QueenPetruso the Sandstorm ManiacNunuArcos the WandererYakira, Priestess of Deketo

NPC Camps


Black Hand Camps: Captain’s Quarters, Jamilla’s Library, Flotsam, Tailer’s Berth, Scuppler’s Shelter, Deckswab’s Retreat, Scavenger’s Berth, Lookout Point, Tarman’s Berth, Watchers Waystation, Sully’s Ambush, Deathwhisper Camp, Spotter’s Squat, Sailstitch Camp, The Sandspit, Anchor Point, Scoundrel’s Gateway, black Galleon, Voyager’s Vigil, Bilgewater Break, Marauder’s Muster, The Pocket.Darfari Cannibals: Bonebreaker’s Bend, Cannibal’s Rest, Carver’s Crest, Death’s shadow Camp, Dustdevil Ridge, Fleshtearer Falls, Gallaman’s Overlook, Heartsblood Rise, Howling Plateau, Marrowman’s Height, Narrowneck Span, Raider’s Ridge, Ravager’s Cleft, Riverwatch Camp, Skulker’s End, Spinebreaker’s Flank, The corner of Bones, The Cursed Way, The Dryfalls, Thugra’s Stand, angry Camp.Dogs the the Desert: Bonepicker Camp, nipper Outcrop, Howler’s Lode, Hunter’s View, N’batu’s Pack, damages of al-Merayah, Sharptooth Passage, The Den, Waterhole Outlook, Weeping Ruin.Forgotten Clan: Stargazer’s Crest, Wightwatch Lookout.Heirs that the North: Coldfish Camp, Desertwatch, Freya’s Hovel, Lian’s Watch, Mammothrider’s Shanty, Meadowwatch, Meltwater Crag, new Asagarth, Nordhof, Rimefisher’s Hut, Stormwatch, The Wardtowers, Trapper’s Cabin.Lemurians: Pagoda that Boundless Lusts, palace of the Witch Queen, The Sunken City.Mitra: Wightwatch Lookout, Muriela’s Hope, Mitra’s Serenity, Drifter’s Rest.Relic Hunters: temple Quarter, Waterside, Southlake, Westwall Prison, Westwall.Ymir’s Children: Ymir’s Delusion, The Outcast Camp, Blizzard’s Overwatch, Crystalline Chasm, Icekeeper Hollow, Flamemist Camp

Thrall Camps and also Settlements

These camps are color coded follow to the adhering to key:

YS/ Yog Settlement: Yog’s altar surrounded by cannibalsSC/Set City: Dancers and Priests in a city filled with Set’s followersRed: these room the most typical Thrall camps with quite a few Thralls in themPS/Pirate Ship: area is filled through Dancers and Priests and is tied to the Pirate Queen’s questPurple: these are significant thrall negotiations so players must be careful when venturing in thereGreen: these space the camps players encounter at the an extremely start the the video game on the southern side of the world and also are basic to farm

Finding a preferable thrall in high level camps is not guaranteed although the possibility increases due to the fact that there are much more spawn slots in negotiations and major camps. However, the challenge also rises as soon as trying to invade such a camp.

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Caves and also NPC Locations


N3: Mek-Kamoses, the teacher of set religionS1/S2: cave of large Spider and its underlingsN5: boy of Jhebbal Sag, a NPC who might offer questsC2: this cave has a room within being guarded by the undeadGC: cavern of the gigantic crocodile and also multiple various other smaller crocsC3: a cavern filled with countless Thralls including Dancers and also PriestsC1: cave of Hanuman filled with Imps and a statue the lies deep in the caveUD: this cave leads to the Undead Dragon boss and also has a giant Snake within itN2: Jamila the pirate queen who have the right to teach players the Mitra religion and also unlock Mitra altarN6: the cavern leads come the ghost that the large King back he can not be interactived v at the momentN1: the NPC Nunu the Cannibal is here and can teach football player the Yog religion and also unlock tier 1 Yog AltarN4: Arcos the Wanderer, who does precisely as the surname suggests and also just walks follow me the southerly shore

This Conan Exiles Camps and also NPC Locations overview will be updated once more information is easily accessible and an ext content gets added to the game.