The location of the 2nd episode of Containment is seriously creepy, especially in irradiate of the fatal outbreak the has emerged on this show. The location actually originates from a quote by Socrates, and also it right the episode really well.

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The hour of leave has arrived, and we go our separate ways, I come die, and also you come live. i m sorry of these two is better only God knows-Socrates

I have been sick due to the fact that probably Tuesday, and also it all began with a tickle in my throat. I started coughing, and the much more it tickled, the much more I coughed. Now, imagine you space me, sitting in the recliner, watching Containment! I assumed to myself probably I have to not be watching this present at this moment in time. Girlfriend know exactly how you constantly start emotion worse in ~ night as soon as you room sick? Well, ns think that was the start of the little pest I have. Ns was recording the show for review functions anyway, for this reason I chose to walk lay down, and also watch the in my room. I will make a lengthy story short, and also just say that I can not concentration on watching it (due come coughing) therefore I saw bed instead. I slept most all of yesterday, and also I am feeling a bit far better today, however not much.

I have actually watched the episode double now, and I think the city the Atlanta is in for a wild ride. Friend can constantly count on part unruly teens to ruin the ideal laid plans. Ns am really worried about Teresa, our pregnant teenager, who had a girlfriend kiss her number of times top top the cheek, yet the question is when did this kiss occur? This girl serious did not understand the an interpretation of “four to six feet please” and “no touching”! prior to or after ~ the infected girl arrived to the party? we were not really shown, and it is most likely to store us guessing! I would certainly hope that the writers would not walk there, this show is scary enough.

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It's not as well late to obtain infected. Clock the series premiere of #Containment for complimentary now:

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I love just how she believed of her Grams by not offering her the food she brought, in case her friend had actually infected her. I take treatment of my mother, and also I to be constantly washing my heads, and being noble right currently is not good. I would certainly be simply as panicked together she was, yet I think she will certainly be alright. She appeared to it is in a main character, and also the powers the be don’t kill off key characters, right? specifically if they are pregnant?

I feel really poor for Lex together he is grounding in in between a rock, and a tough place. His best friend, and his girl is locked within the cordoned off zone, and he seems to it is in a ‘by the book” sort of guy. When again, he sends out his girlfriend Jake out to carry the infected girl to the hospital wherein everyone else is on lock-down. I choose Jake, but he requirements to curb that temper that his. I was nodding my head in commitment when Katie told him the the kids were dealing with the situation better than that was. I really hope they don’t rush this relationship, since I have a emotion they are going to need to each other soon. Ns was glad as soon as he made decision to pole around, and assist her with the children.

ChristophrWood maintain control in the cordon? uncover out on a brand-new episode of #Containment, beginning NOW.

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Speaking that Katie, she’s one clever cookie! She noticed the the media provided when patience Zero died, and also that the doctor and also her boyfriend died shortly after ~ him. Us know, and also Katie knows the this is not the case. Might it be the the Dr.Cannerts is appropriate in that everyone’s immune system is different, or the doesn’t really know? together for me, i am wondering if patience Zero was not, in reality Patient Zero! That assumed is probably a little far-fetched, however it did cross my mind!

If ns was Jana, ns don’t understand what I would do around letting civilization in mine personal, sanitized room. Ns take that back, I perform know, my best friend would certainly be in there v me. Ns don’t understand what they room going to do about food though, as it won’t be safe to go out. It appears that nobody did the shopping. Leo Green, talk about an over-zealous reporter! leaving it come a reporter to discover a story in ~ a story, and he called Lex a hero for avoiding a white cop from beating top top a black color kid. That course, as quick as he can make him a hero, he deserve to make him a villain, and also that’s mostly as result of the reality that Lex to be not an extremely forthcoming with information. I don’t to trust Leo as much as I might throw him!

Just the worst. RT if you'd hate an empty refrigerator while grounding in a quarantine…or ever. #Containment

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Since Lex is a through the publication kind that guy, he will follow all orders the he is given, however it sure did not set well with him that he had actually to sit back, and enable shipping containers to fully block off the zone indigenous anyone beginning or exiting. The first episode started with job 13, and also went backward to present us the very beginning. By illustration two, we were at night one, which have to lead united state to work 13, and also we have 11 an ext episodes to see how the story unfolds. What did friend think the the episode? It makes you want to go out and buy confront masks and the whole nine, doesn’t it?