Several users report getting the “Could not complete your inquiry because it is not a precious Photoshop document” error when trying to open PSD and PDF files through Photoshop. The concern is report to occur on both Windows and Mac computers.

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Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document

What is leading to the “Could not finish your request because it is no a precious Photoshop document” error?

We investigated this particular issue by looking at assorted user reports and also the repair strategies that they finished up utilizing successfully. Based upon what us gathered, there space a pair of usual scenarios that will result in the apparition that this particular error message. Girlfriend can likewise check the end our overview on photoshop regimen error here.

Here’s a shortlist with potential culprits that can be triggering the issue:

The document is saved with a different extension – The most common reason why this error wake up is as soon as the file is saved with the .PSD extension also if it’s, in fact, a different document type (TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG). This end up confound Photoshop, i m sorry will cause the issue.The .PSD paper is corrupted – Corruption is an additional potential cause that is known to trigger this certain issue. Some influenced users have actually been able to circumvent the worry by opening the file with a various editor.

If you’re struggling to deal with this details issue, this write-up will administer you with a list of confirmed troubleshooting steps. Listed below you have a repertoire of methods that other users in a comparable situation have used to acquire the worry resolved.

For the ideal results, follow the methods below in order till you encounter a deal with that is reliable in resolving the issue in your specific scenario.

Method 1: an altering the document to a various extension

One of the most typical scenarios because that this error on both Mac and also Windows is when the file’s expansion is incorrect. This can happen quite quickly if you use various other complementary Adobe products such as Lightroom to edit them straight into Photoshop.

There’s a high opportunity that the PSD document is not actually corrupted, but it’s in reality another paper type. If you offered the Save as feature, the default extension might get saved to PSD, even if the document is of a different file type. This ends up creating the “Could not complete your inquiry because it is not a precious Photoshop document” error.

Luckily, you deserve to rectify this concern quite quickly by transforming the extension to the correct one.

How to discover the correct expansion type

You have the right to pinpoint the correct extension kind by opened the record in a Hex editor. Keep in mental that kind of graphics document will always begin with the same set of characters when you open them in a Hex editor. You can use Hex Fiend because that Mac and also HXD because that Windows.

Once you open up the paper in the Hex editor, compare it with the perform below and see if you get a match among the many common paper types:

JPEG: ff d8 ff e0 00 10 4a 46TIF,TIFF: TIFF: 49 49 2aPNG: 89 50 4e 47BMP: 42 4d 38GIF: 47 49 46 38 39 61PSD: 38 42 50 53PDF: 25 50 44 46 2d 31 2e 36 0d 25 e2 e3 cf d3

Verifying the very first characters with the Hex EditorOnce you found the exactly extension, it’s time to make the required modifications. But keep in mind that the steps of changing the document to the correct extension will be various according come your operating system, so please follow the appropriate guide, follow to your OS.

Changing the Extension type on WindowsOpen the document with file Explorer and go come View (using the ribbon) at the top. Then, make sure that the box connected with record name extensions is checked.
Enabling paper Name extensions from record ExplorerNext, right-click ~ above the PSD document that is reflecting the error and also choose Rename. Then, readjust the expansion to the correct one.
Renaming come the exactly extension

Note: If friend haven’t supplied a Hex editor to recognize the correct extension type, change the expansion to every of the following expansions until you get a match: jpeg, tif, tiff, png, bmp, gif, pdf.

When motivated that the file might become unusable, click Yes to confirm the transforming of the extension.
Confirm the change of the extension typeYou should at some point stumble ~ above an expansion that will enable you to open up the paper in Photoshop there is no encountering the “Could not complete your inquiry because it is no a precious Photoshop document” error.Changing the extension form on MacNavigate come the location of the document and choose it. With the paper selected, push Command + I to open up up the Information window that the file.In the Info window, simply adjust the expansion to the exactly one (under Name & Extension).
Changing the extension on Mac

Note: If you haven’t supplied a Hex editor to determine the correct extension type, change the extension to every of the following expansions until you acquire a match: jpeg, tif, tiff, png, bmp, gif, pdf.You will certainly then it is in asked because that confirmation via a dialog box. Press Use *extension form * to adjust the extension.

Changing the extension form on MacOpen the file with Photoshop again and also see if the worry has been resolved.

Method 2: Re-saving the PSD paper with GIMP

GIMP is one open resource image manipulation regimen that some impacted users have used to open up PSD files that were displaying the “Could not finish your inquiry because it is not a precious Photoshop document” error due to corruption.

GIMP is frequently used to conserve PSD papers that room not totally compatible through Photoshop. Yet some impacted users have likewise used it come open and also re-save PSD documents that Photoshop was unable come handle.

Note: If the record is badly corrupted, friend might notification some absent pixels and an all at once quality loss.

Here’s a quick guide on installing and also using GIMP to deal with the “Could not finish your inquiry because it is not a valid Photoshop document” error:

Once the download is complete, open up the environment executable and follow the on-screen prompts to download GIMP on her computer.
Installing GIMPOnce the installation is complete, right-click on the PSD document that is showing the error and choose Edit v GIMP.
Right-click on PSD file and select Edit through GIMPOnce the PSD paper is opened up with the GIMP editor, go to File > violin As.
export As" width="273" height="361" srcset=" 273w, 113w, 227w" sizes="(max-width: 273px) 100vw, 273px" />Go to file > violin AsSelect the ar in i m sorry you desire to resave the file, climate click the plus icon linked with Select file Type (By Extension). Next, role down with the list of paper types and also select Photoshop image and click Export.

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Re-saving the file with GIMPOnce the document has been re-saved, open up it through Photoshop again and see if the “Could not complete your inquiry because it is no a valid Photoshop document” error has been resolved.