Pre-boot volume is a space for the operating device prior come installation. The volume acts as a space or a tool of communication for installation in between the macOS version like big Sur, Catalina, High Sierra and also the brand-new APFS (Apple file System).

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The error “Could not produce a Pre-Boot volume for APFS install” occurs when a Mac user tries come erase your existing macOS and also reinstall macOS High sierra because of various reasons like up-gradation etc.

If you uncover the error top top the display screen saying “Could not develop a Pre-Boot volume because that APFS install” throughout the reinstallation procedure of High Sierra, it is vital to know that this error not just affects the reinstallation but also the data existing in the volume. During this reinstallation scenario, your data current on macOS is inaccessible.

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Firstly, allow us understand why high sierra installation is stopped, and also how to deal with this error.

What is the error about?

The error “Could not create a Pre-Boot volume for APFS install” emphasizes that APFS is no recognizing the Pre-Boot volume which is forced to start the re-installation process.

Why can"t macOS create a preboot volume because that APFS install?

The Pre-Boot mechanism will not have the ability to install macOS large Surr, High Sierra due to the APFS, this normally happens since the Apple document System stops working to synchronize v Pre-boot volume i m sorry is the tool for surroundings (Pre-Boot Execution Environment). This reasons a scenario referred to as Block non – Synchronization.Due to this, the macOS High Sierra falls short to reinstall and the error is displayed “Could not create a Pre-Boot volume because that APFS install”. This error influence the data present in her mac volume. All the data current in the volume is shed or beyond access.

Fix "Could not develop a Pre-Boot volume because that APFS install"

In stimulate to resolve the error and also successfully install High Sierra. Follow the below procedures to settle the error. But in any type of of these situations, your data currently on the journey is susceptible to loss as the inevitable solutions involve erasing that Mac volume.

Deletion that volume and also Reinstallation that macOS High Sierra

Deletion the the volume and reinstallation can solve the problem of the " could not produce a Pre-Boot volume for APFS install" error

Enter restore mode: Restart your Mac and while the device is rebooting you deserve to keep pushing CMD+R, till an Apple logo is seen.
After the logo is seen, the user will be able to see the utility menu. Mac will display you particular volumes, select disk energy in all drives top top mac. Then choose the internal drive and click erase to delete the drive. Short article deletion, near the utility.
Post complying with Step 2. The user will have actually two options. Follow either of the methodologies to reinstall High Sierra.Re-open decaying Utility, choose the internal drive usually named as and also format it as "Mac OS Extended". Then you have the right to reinstall macOS.Or you might turn turn off the Mac, climate reboot it by holding down the Option/ALT + Command + R secrets to get in Internet recovery mode. Choose Disk Utility. If you see a drive, reformat it together Mac OS Extended and surname it Macintosh HD. If not, develop a drive and format it together "Mac OS Extended". After ~ that, friend can exit Disk Utility and also click Reinstall macOS.

By deleting the drive, you remove the APFS device which is causing the error so that you space able to reinstall macOS. If the method above doesn"t work, shot the following one.

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Directly enter Internet recovery mode (Online software solution by mac)

When her mac OS is rebooting press CMD+R+ALT option to put it into web recovery mode.
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