On Running Wild through Bear Grylls, the British survival instructor takes some of the best A-list stars top top breathtaking survive adventures. When they're beautiful in ~ times, they're also an overwhelming and frequently dangerous.

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Season 3 — i m sorry you can stream for free on 9Now — has seen few of the greatest names venture out with Bear Grylls, consisting of Courteney Cox and Nick Jonas. Both stars reached their physical limits while providing insight right into their lives (they to be obviously very vulnerable!). Here's what Bear make them do, and also what castle revealed about themselves.

Courteney Cox opens up around her career

While navigating across a deep chasm, Courteney Cox was, understandably, freaking out. After ~ making it across despite feeling choose she couldn't, the star caught her breath prior to breaking down in tears.

Couteney Cox opened up to Bear Grylls after a scary experience. (9Now)

"I'm dizzy. I'm precise dizzy. Favor we have actually kids. What the f--- are we doing?" she asked, before Bear Grylls took a moment to questioning her about her career.

"When you started doing Friends, did girlfriend have any idea how huge that to be going to be?"

"Not really… as soon as I read the manuscript I knew it to be special. Transforms out it functioned out," she said. "I feeling lucky. Ns don't feeling burdened by it.

"People can be pretty typical now that there's all this society media, and also the allisonbrookephotography.comments, if I ever before want to feeling really bad around myself, I click one the those Daily Mail allisonbrookephotography.comment sections."

Grylls doubted if there was press to look at a specific way.

"For sure. Ns think there's a push to preserve that no just because of fame. Gift a mrs in this business and getting older, ns don't think that's the simplest thing. But I have actually learnt lessons. I think ns was make the efforts to keep up with gaining older and also trying to follow that, yet it's something friend can't keep up with, for this reason the much more you relax right into it the much less I try.

"Sometimes you try and climate you look in ~ a photo of yourself and think, 'Oh mine God ns look horrible'. I have actually done points that ns regret and also luckily they're things that dissolve and go away so that's good, since it's not constantly been my finest look. So currently I have actually a brand-new motto, 'Just let the be'."

Courtney Cox go on adventure and faced her fears on to run Wild v Bear Grylls. (9Now)

Cox included how watching her daughter go through life was a terrific part of gaining older: "I see so lot of myself in her."

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Nick Jonas strips down in icy water

Bear Grylls and Nick Jonas had actually to reach their extraction suggest to end up off your icy adventure, yet they had one last test: They had actually to cross a lake surrounded by ice to with it.

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"It's walking to be painful," Grylls told Jonas. "We've acquired three minutes where the adrenaline will fire you and then after three minutes every little thing will begin to feeling really painful."

Nick Jonas and also Bear Grylls stripped under to make it throughout an icy lake together. (9Now)

The pair stripped down right into their underwear and made their means towards the lake prior to entering and wading their means to the various other side. They do it.