How numerous pizzas are ceded in Manhattan? just how do you architecture an alarm clock because that the blind? What is her favorite item of software and why? exactly how would girlfriend launch a video rental company in India? This publication will teach you how to answer these questions and more.Cracking the pm Interview is a an extensive book ~ above landing a product management function in startups or bigger tech companies. Learn exactly how the ambiguously-named “PM” (product manager / regime manager) duty varies between companies, what experience you need, just how to make your existing endure translate, what a good PM resume and cover letter watch like, and also then exactly how to grasp the afternoon interview questions (estimation questions, behavioral questions, estimate questions, product questions, technological questions, and the super-important “pitch”).​

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Gayle is the Founder / CEO of and also the author of 2 books: cracked the Coding Interview,"s #1 best-selling interview book, and also The Google Resume. She has worked for Google, Microsoft, and Apple and served top top Google"s hiring committee. She stop a BSE and MSE in computer system Science from the college of Pennsylvania and also an MBA native the Wharton School. Find out more.Jackieis a Product Manager in ~ Asana, a leading startup that builds the contemporary productivity software offered by companies favor Dropbox, AirBnB, Uber, Foursquare, and also Pinterest. She has previously functioned as a Product Manager in ~ Google where she join as component of the upstream Associate Product Manager program, and also as a program Manager in ~ Microsoft. She stop a BA in computer Science and also a BA in business economics from Cornell University. Learn more.Both reside in the mountain Francisco only Area.​

With Cracking the pm Interview concentrated on product monitoring interviews,Cracking the afternoon Careerfocuses on flourishing in the pm role."Our goal because that Cracking the pm Career is to it is in the guide we never had. This publication shares the skills, frameworks, and practices the my peers and also I have actually painstakingly learned and also honed end the years so that PMs have the right to spend less time reinventing the wheel. The delves right into the secret and ambiguity surrounding career progression so that PMs can emphasis on the right areas and also reach their potential. It connects the dots on just how to build each necessary PM skill so that mentors can suggest their mentees towards actionable feedback."​Website | Amazon Link
"I great this publication had existed as soon as I an initial found my method into product management. Gayle and also Jackie don"t just assist you floor a afternoon job; they show you what that takes come be good once you"ve gained one. Ultimately there"s a game arrangement for charting your career as a product manager."--Ken Norton, companion at Google endeavors (former PM in ~ Google)
"If you were trying to find a comprehensive, well-researched book around how to acquire a job in product management, watch no more than cracking the pm Interview. Gayle and also Jackie breakdown the entire procedure of landing her dream pm job, if bridging a wide selection of perspectives that aspiring PMs may carry to the table. This is a no-brainer resource to leverage during your task search."—Jason Shah, previous Product Manager in ~ Yammer/Microsoft& instructor of exactly how to obtain a project in Product Management

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"Impressed through Jackie and Gayle"s thorough interview walkthrough, from specifying your skills, to resumes and also all the way to product questions. A identify handbook for confident product managers."—Ritu Jain, Organizer that PM quick Track community & CEO that LearningJar