Visitors to the Cripple Creek ice Festival, Saturday v Feb. 17, will have actually an opportunity to connect with their favorite at sight heroes, the 2019 theme. 


Ice sculptors will carve at sight heroes native 300-pound blocks of ice brought in by semi-trucks from the great Lakes an ar of Ohio.

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Attendees will find mazes and also slides fashioned from ice to climb over, around and through in ~ the 2019 Cripple Creek ice cream Festival, Saturday with Feb. 17. 

A polar vortex bring a flurry of task to the City of Cripple Creek in the type of its yearly Ice Festival, native Saturday v Feb. 17.

Now in its 12th year, the festival’s 2019 layout is “Super Heroes in Ice” featuring ice cream sculpting artistry to lug spectators into a fantasy civilization likened to the Marvel and also DC Comic fame.

This year’s skilled ice-sculpting artists and also teams incorporate Thomas Barlow, Sn’Ice Carvings and also All Cool Ice, that will carve and also chip 300-pound block of ice into superhero-themed masterpieces.

The complimentary festival is located along Bennett Avenue, Cripple Creek’s main thoroughfare. Transparent the event, spectators will have an opportunity to clock sculptors in action as they transform ice into masterpieces, while functioning on superhero-themed designs making use of tools like chainsaws, handsaws, hammers, chisels, drills, irons and also hairdryers.

Interactive ice sculptures based on the superhero layout provide totally free outdoor entertain for children of all ages, consisting of carnival games, an ice cream maze and also a sculpted ice cream slide.

Photo opportunities abound and also guests space invited come pose with the favorite superheroes frozen in sculpted ice, giving a translucent backdrop in prior of Cripple Creek’s historic Victorian architecture, quiet colorfully illuminated v seasonal winter decorations.

Food and also retail street vendors will line up along top Bennett Avenue, giving visitors a festival setting offering food, crafts and a variety of memorabilia for sale.

Throughout the festival’s duration, a large, heated time is set up to shelter and entertain visitors with live music and also an ice-carved the end bar to offer patrons hot chocolate and also cold beverages, liquor, beer and wine. Attendees can additionally dance to live music featuring popular local bands.

Always a attribute is the professionally sculpted ice luge, based on a toboggan design, to channel ice-cold martinis into waiting glasses.

On Saturday, from 4 come 7 p.m. There will certainly be an chance to meet the artists and learn about their craft at the Pikes optimal Heritage Center, v hors d’oeuvres and also wine served.

Cripple Creek Marketing manager Steven Kitzman said also with cold, winter temps, the ice Fest is among the city’s many successful events, drawing thousands of travellers to the historic mountain town.

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Free parking is available, follow me with complimentary shuttle company from the Pikes optimal Heritage Center, situated northeast of city on Highway 67, to and from the main event on Saturdays and also Sundays native 11 a.m. To 6 p.m.