The Crisis facility of Anderson and also Cherokee Counties is seek Awareness advocate volunteers to aid with outreach, public awareness and community education. The Awareness advocate committee will satisfy monthly, beginning in late August, to discuss plans because that awareness months, displays and also information booths.

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“If you would certainly be interested in help organize a violet ribbon project for domestic Violence Awareness Month in October, or a pinwheel garden for boy Abuse prevention Month in April, or if you would favor to aid us style information booths that are interactive and informative, please sign up with us!” stated Lori Richard, neighborhood Educator.

Awareness Advocates might also aid with presentations to public organizations, churches, colleges, and also schools.

The mission the the Crisis center of Anderson and Cherokee Counties is to empower, enhance, and enrich the resides of survivors of family members violence, sex-related assault, and child abuse. Services encompass a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, trauma-focused counseling, victim advocacy, and crisis intervention.

The children’s Advocacy Center, i beg your pardon is a regimen of the dilemm Center, serves as a neutral location for child Protective Services, legislation enforcement, prosecution, advocates, and also medical professionals to name: coordinates investigations of boy abuse. The CAC gives forensic interviews, trauma-focused counseling, and also family advocacy. All services are provided at no price to the client.

To acquire started, contact Lori Richard at 903-586-9118 or lorir for a volunteer application. When background checks room completed, volunteers will certainly be added to the committee list and notified the upcoming meetings and volunteer opportunities.

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