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The Attika Cultist is a part of the eyes of Kosmos branch of the AC Odyssey Kosmos cult. He’s the 3rd one in the eyes of Kosmos branch, and also he is undoubtedly hiding somewhere in Attika. However, players have actually been having actually trouble finding the Attika Cultist location in AC Odyssey, due to the fact that he’s in reality hiding behind a details quest. Due to the fact that this is the major issue, our AC Odyssey Attika eyes of Kosmos Cultist location guide will likewise show you exactly how to unlock the Attika Cultist.

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How come Unlock eyes of Kosmos Attika Cultist ar in AC Odyssey?

To unlock the Attika Cultist of the eye of Kosmos branch the the cult, you’ll very first have come unlock the A Life’s worth side quest in Attika. It, in turn, unlocks after you’ve perfect two additional side pursuits in Attika: ~ above a High Horse and Heitor’s Gonna hate (yes, that’s really what it’s called). This two pursuits unlock after ~ you’ve advanced far sufficient through the story, so save checking Attika to view what’s new. The side pursuits will be significant with a golden exclamation mark.

You can start Heitor’s Gonna dislike in the exit Farmlands area in the northeast that Attika. ~ you speak to Heitor, the video game will command you to Rhamnous military Camp where a girlfriend of his is being organized prisoner. Relax him and also follow the next quest marker to the beach below. You can handle the from there.


Where to discover Attika Cultist – AC Odyssey eyes of Kosmos

The Attika Cultist indigenous the eyes of Kosmos branch, called The Master, is hiding in plain sight in the Silver hill region, in the southern of Attika. That’s the an ar between Phaleron Sandy Bay and Cape Sounion. He’s walking to it is in in the south of the mountain itself, in a small encampment close to the Lavrio silver Mine. He’s attract a blue tunic v gold top top the bottom, a yellow belt, and a brown shoulder wrap. Speak to him, and also during the conversation, he’ll allow slip the he’s a member that the cult. You need to talk to him first, unfortunately; friend can’t simply kill him ideal of the bat.

The understand is a devastating person, and the video game makes it as clear together you deserve to imagine. He’s a servant owner, and a weaselly fellow who refuses to relax a servant that has actually paid because that his freedom. Not just that, yet he’ll need that you kill an innocent woman for the cult to release him. After friend speak come The Master, Sokrates will interact you in a fast moral discussion. If you decide that all people are equal, you’ll have the ability to kill The Master, which friend absolutely should. Don’t forget to check the kill.

Elpenor eye of Kosmos Cultist

Elpenor is going come be one of the an initial cultists you’re going come meet and kill. He’s a component of the story search Snake in The Grass, which essentially leads you to learning the cult itself. Friend needn’t worry around finding / missing Elpenor; the video game will command you appropriate to him. Basically, he’s hiding in a cave in the southwest that the valley of the snake area, in the Phokis region, just south that the Satyr’s Respite synchronization location. The place you’re looking for is line Temple. For more detailed info, examine out our uncover Elpenor location in Phokis guide.

Where to find Sotera Cultist Location

The 2nd Eyes of Kosmos cultist in the branch is Sotera. The clue tells you that Sotera is in her warehouse in Megaris. We indeed uncovered her in Megaris. Special, in port of Nisaia, i m sorry is in the south-east of the valley of King Lelex. She has black hair and dresses in a level brown tunic. So, be sure to usage Ikaros to tag she if necessary. Save in mind the she’ll likely be surrounded through bodyguards that will desire to death you very much. Practice caution, and make sure to confirm the kill.

Hermippos Cultist in AC Odyssey – wherein to Find?

To discover Hermippos of the Eye of Kosmos, you’ll have to go to higher Athens, near the Hephaistos temple, together the clue tells you. The temple of Hephaistos is in the northwest area of better Athens, a region in Attika. We found Hermippos resting in one of the side rooms of the temple. The wears a light blue tunic, has gray hair, and also looks quite ragged in the face. Excpect the the holy place of Hephaistos will certainly be crawling with opponents to make your life harder.

Midas eyes of Kosmos Cultist

Midas is hiding out in the city the Argos, in the Argolis region. We uncovered him in the dead center of the city, simply to the southern the holy place of Poseidon synchronization location. He to be flanked with difficult bodyguards, therefore don’t method Midas lightly. He has long, grey hair, and also wears a blue-and-purple tunic through a deep purple toga. He also wears a green wreath on his head. Beware the his guards, and never forget to confirm the kill.

Nyx the Shadow eye of Kosmos Sage Location

Nyx the zero is the head of the eye of Kosmos. You can unveil she after you’ve killed every one of the other five from the branch. We discovered her in the south east of greater Athens, in Attika. Make sure to use the quest marker to uncover her, together she can roam about. She attract a black color headband, a black tunic, and also brown pouches. Weird enough, she didn’t have any bodyguards about her, which only makes your job easier. However, she is a small more daunting to win in a fight than the rest of she crew.

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