Curtain rods room the backbone of your window treatments. In addition to giving support, the right curtain rod can elevate the look and also feel of her room. Yet with so numerous different types of curtain rods to choose from, just how do girlfriend decide?

In this post, you’ll learn how to choose curtain rods in just 5 easy steps:

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Step 1: Assess your Room's Decors

Before you have the right to start your search for the perfect type of curtain rod, it’s beneficial to small your search by assessing your room’s decor or design elements.

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Here room some famous home decor styles and also some of their defining elements:

TraditionalClassic, orderly, matched
ContemporaryClean, modern, sleek
Modern FarmhouseReclaimed materials, woodsy, nation details
EclecticMismatched, pulled together, different
Modern IndustrialDistressed, weathered, raw
BohoNatural, earthy, textured
Mid-century ModernRetro, streamlined, functional
CoastalCasual, beachy, relaxed

As you can imagine, a curtain rod perfect for a coastal vibe would look entirely out of ar in a traditionally decorated room. However, determining the look and also feel that your an are sets the tone for every other elements you’ll incorporate into it — including curtain rods!

Step 2: select Curtain rod Type

Now on come curtain pole types. The curtain rod form you pick will it is in dependent on your room’s decor, the load of her curtains and also your curtains’ functionality. Below are the most popular species of curtain rods:

Wire or cable rods: Thin and also flexible, these rods space made that wire and are perfect for lightweight curtains that can be bent or angled.Tension or spring rods: these rods space recommended for smaller windows or home windows that can not accommodate continual rods or brackets. Though adjustable and inexpensive, stress rods aren’t durable enough for more heavier curtains.


Step 3: pick Your Curtain stick Material

The end up of her curtain rod can include a subtle design element to any type of room. Wood and metal rods room the many popular and also work in many rooms or homes. However, friend can additionally find rods in steel, nickel, bronze or brass finishes.

Below room some principles for coordinating her room’s decor with suitable curtain stick materials. Her curtain rods don’t need to be physically made from these materials however aim for the basic look and feel.

Traditional: sleek wood, brass, nickelContemporary: Black, chrome, nickelModern Farmhouse: Distressed, painted or whitewashed wood, brown tones, ironEclectic: noþeles goes!Modern Industrial: Matte metals, ironBoho: Painted or distressed wood, bamboo, heat tonesMid-century Modern: polished or matte wood tones, brassCoastal: Distressed, etched or whitewashed wood

Once you’ve decided on the finish, you’ll be able to choose the best curtain rod shade with ease.

Step 4: choose the Perfect Color

The shade of her curtain rod should complement with either the curtains, furniture or various other decorative item in the room.

If you have actually a dark brown wood bed frame, you may pick curtain rods of similar material and color. Or, possibly you have cool-toned curtain colors, favor a wealthy teal or a light gray. In the case, you may want come opt for a silver steel rod.

Curtain rods typically come in standard colors (like white, black, silver, bronze or gold) that need to fit the décor of many rooms.

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Step 5: Voila! include the Finishing Touches

Now the you’ve uncovered the perfect curtain rod, that time to add finishing touches.

Curtain finials space the finish caps or knobs of her curtain rods. They secure the end of the rods and prevent curtains from sliding off. They’re greatly decorative, for this reason it’s important to choose a finial the matches your rod, curtains, and also room.



Curtain holdbacks are right for holding her curtains open, showcasing a knockout see or allowing a refresh breeze into your space.

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Complete the Look v Kwik-Hang

We know that choosing between different varieties of curtain rods can take a the majority of time and also effort. And also the critical thing any home decorator desires to deal with is the stress, disappointed and wall damage that comes with using classic tools hardware.

Luckily, yes an easier way to put up her curtains — through ZERO damage. V Kwik-Hang Curtain rod Brackets, you can hang her curtains in secs without any type of cumbersome tools. Simply align the brackets to your home window trim, tap lock in through a hammer and hang her curtains.

Kwik-Hang brackets are obtainable in 5 colors (black, silver, gold, bronze and white) for both single rods and dual rods. Kwik-Hang brackets also hold up to 20 pounds and can be reinforced with facility support brackets because that extra durability.

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You can also shop Kwik-Hang’s curtain rod collection here. With five styles and also various color to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect complement for your preferred setup.