The new Skorpion K2 RGB mechanical Gaming keyboard is the advancement of our bestselling K1 collection and now offers a new slick architecture with the exact same Kontact™ Blue Mechanical an essential Switches.

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Clicky & Tactile mechanical Switches

The SKORPION series of mechanical keyboards attribute our distinct CP Kontact™ Blue crucial Mechanical Switches draft for low Resistance through a click style pressure Feedback. It’s a experienced level that gaming power at an unbelievable price exclusively for customers.

Simple Design, feature Rich

The Skorpion K2 collection is a completely mechanical gaming key-board with a sturdy brushed aluminum chassis for a solid skilled look v a cool come the touch feel. It’s built with our custom Kontact™ Blue switches i m sorry is a light, tactile, clicky mechanical keyboard switch. Accessible with 16 Million shade RGB, 104 Individual crucial backlighting and 100% anti-ghosting certain accuracy throughout gameplay so it won’t miss any kind of important keystroke even under the most too much gaming conditions.

Programmable Lighting


The Skorpion K2 collection features customizable lighting effects with predefined options or individual an essential programming. It additionally features an conveniently detachable wrist rest.

Detachable Rest
RGB Keys

Clean & Bright

Individual an essential RGB Lighting lets you choose the shade to enhance your device or her mood and ambient lighting help subtly irradiate up your surroundings come see better in dark gaming spaces.


Included software which enables you come choose particular colors because that the whole keyboard or certain keys, create macros, assign an essential functions or pick from a list of predefined settings.

Download Software


KEY SWITCHESallisonbrookephotography.comKontact™ Blue KeyMechanical
RGB16.8 Million colour IndividuallyAddressable Keys
DIMENSIONS45mm Length20.5mm width 2mm Height
ACCESSORIESBuilt-In RemovableEZ an essential Remover
Top VideoGalleryClicky & Tactile mechanically SwitchesSimple Design, feature RichCustomizationClean & BrightSpecifications

Programmable Lighting

Many modes from all on to much more unique settings such as fading, key-by-key lighting and much more.

Detachable Wrist Rest

The Skorpion K2 gaming keyboard likewise features a quickly detachable wrist rest to suit your needs and space.

RGB crucial Caps

Each an essential cap is indivudally lit through RGB lighting so it’s personally addressable so you have the right to be sure that each key has a bright and consistant light.

All Games
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