Do you have actually a mice and rat infestation in your home? are the methods that she trying not efficient in addressing the problem? If this is the case, Reckitt Benckiser’s D-Con all set Mix Bait Bits could be the solution for you.

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D-Con ready Mix Bait Bits Review: Features

This product from Reckitt Benckiser come in a tiny box that has four trays the bait. The practically packaging will aid you lay out these baits efficiently—you don’t also have come touch the pellets v your hands. Each crate comes v twelve ounces the bait, 3 ounces because that each tray. With simply one feeding, this D-Con all set Mix Bait Bits will certainly kill mice and rats in her home.

The active ingredient in this product is dubbed Brodifacoum, a extremely lethal anticoagulant poison the targets the level that vitamin K in the body, decreasing the significantly. Vitamin K is important for the process of blood clotting. Without it, a mammal will certainly experience interior bleeding, which at some point leads come death.

This is exactly how Brodifacoum acts within the mice’s and also rats’ body once they eat the D-Con all set Mix Bait Bits indigenous Reckitt Benckiser. Just a tiny dosage of this product will effectively lower the vitamin K level in their bodies, and also they will certainly die of interior hemorrhages within three to six days that feeding.


While Brodifacoum is a potent poison because that pests, it may also pose danger if girlfriend have tiny children and pets around the house. The light blue pellets could be mistaken together candy or treat, for this reason you have to take extra precaution if you decision to usage this product in a family home.

Store this product in a place where your children and also pets can’t accessibility it. If possible, only put out the trays at night once everyone is asleep. If you have actually pets, lock them in cages in ~ night so they can not roam around and also find the toxicity trays. Before letting them out in the morning, hide the products in a safe place first.

Users that the D-Con prepared Mix Bait Bits indigenous Reckitt Benckiser have offered the product an excellent reviews. People from both urban and also rural areas have offered this product and claimed it to be effective.

They said it to be a fast and easy method of obtaining rid of their mouse and rat infestation problems. Lock were additionally happy about not putting much initiative in laying the end these baits. Also when inserted in the garage, attic or basement, the mice and rats still uncover their means to these baits and also eat them.

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Having said all these, I imply that you try the D-Con all set Mix Bait Bits in your home. That not just effective, yet it additionally makes the project easy for you. The four poison trays allow you place the baits in problem locations without any trouble. In addition, the potency of the problem Brodifacoum will ensure that these pests room dead within days that consumption. Friend don’t have actually to deal with messy traps anymore. Just stick these trays in doubt nesting areas, and also they’re an excellent to go.