Polyester fleece & polyethylene foamPlastic headband extended w/ black-spotted white fleeceEars sewn to each side that headbandStuffed tail has actually Hook and also Loop fastener tab loop to fasten to belt loop or security pin

A Canine Companion

Everyone knows the a dog is man’s best friend, including your kids. And, currently that they’ve effectively been begging for a dog for the longest time, the ideal of possible tactics is come aim for a trial run. ~ all, a dog can be a rough change for a residence that isn’t totally prepared for a canine buddy. Between rented apartments, fur-devouring carpets, or those nasty allergies, occasionally it is tough to carry a dog home. And, also if you can, the doesn’t take too long for those kiddos come realize that one best friend isn’t nearly as good as havingall the ideal friends.

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Product Details

How deserve to you play the right role of a doggy without the right accessories? This dalmatian ears and also tail create a convincing transformation. This polyester fleece ears space sewn to every side the a polyurethane headband, additionally covered in white and black spotted material. The tail is stuffed and also has a Hook and also Loop fastener attachment to fasten to a belt loop or security pin. Perhaps the ears and tail isenough, yet you can push the puppy polymorphing even more by suiting up in a Dalmatian jumpsuit.

A Barking an excellent Time

Whether you decision to pair the kit through a costume or you desire to wear comfortable black and also white garments with the ears and tail, you"ll make a convincing canine. Our just advice is to watch out for any passing Cruella DeVil type dog-lovers!



We believe that costumes have actually the strength to produce some of life"s ideal moments. That"s why we started Made by Us. This diverse an option of costumes and also accessories space all artfully designed and also expertly crafted by our talented team the artists, designers, and developers.


Each project begins with a passion for true quality–embroidered patches, faux fur cut with care, and also hand-selected structure that space as resilient as they room comfortable. Those are just a couple of examples of exactly how much craft and also creativity we put right into each and also every product. Just for you.

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No matter how much time it takes, our score has constantly remained the same–to create assets that accumulate your life"s ideal moments–the big, the small, the funny, the spooky, and also the sweet. The moments us all cherish. That"s do by Us.

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