There space a handful of Sublime Bone Dust to uncover in Dark Souls 2. Here"s the place of every one of these crucial items.

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The Dark Souls series rewards players that scavenge and collect all of the obtainable items because that upgrading your character. In the huge world that Drangleic that players acquire to explore in the second installment come the series, over there are plenty of consumables the players need to discover in stimulate to offer themselves a better chance of success.

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maybe the most important item for players to uncover is Sublime Bone Dust. If friend burn the Sublime Bone Dust in ~ the Majula bonfire, the player the does for this reason gains more health every solitary time the the Estus Flask is used. After doing this five times, the Estus Flask cannot be upgraded any kind of further. That, however, doesn"t do it any less essential to find five Sublime Bone Dusts in an attempt to ensure that the Estus Flask is together effective and useful as it deserve to possibly be.

among the an initial locations football player are compelled to traverse v in Dark Souls 2 is Heide"s Tower that Flame. This is whereby you"ll require to uncover the first Sublime Bone Dust in the game. The is, if you play your cards right.

over there is a non-respawning, mace-wielding Old Knight found at Heide"s Tower the Flame. It is guarantee that he will drop the Bone Dust. However, if friend die before retrieving the item, the item will certainly be unavailable come you until you use a Bonfire Ascetic to reset the area. Don"t make the mistake.

The next Sublime Bone Dust have the right to be acquired in the dark and also dangerous map known as Hunstman"s Copse. Huntsman"s Copse has all species of fatal assassins and dangerous monsters, therefore you"re walking to have to be cautious on your method to grabbing this item.

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You"ll need to find the area whereby the Executioner"s Chariot boss fight happens. Just before making that to that boss, you will find the Sublime Bone Dust top top a ledge. It"s straightforward to miss, for this reason look closely.

The black color Gulch is yet an additional tough Dark Souls 2 environment to traverse through. Back the area is fairly small compared to most Dark Souls 2 environments, most players will most likely die before getting come the black Gulch"s boss, The Rotten, due to the fact that of the poison that is absolutely everywhere.

If you do control to do it come The Rotten, death the foul beast. Then, simply after his boss arena, a chest can be uncovered containing the following Sublime Bone Dust.

one of the many imposing bosses (yet solid the most difficult) that Dark Souls players are required to confront within the Souls collection is the Old stole King. In stimulate to gain the next Sublime Bone Dust and also in bespeak to finish the game, you will should kill the enormous boss once and for all.

after doing so, the process for recognize this details Sublime Bone Dust is nearly identical to once you loss the Rotten. Over there is a chest that deserve to be accessed after ~ the ceo is dead. Uncover it and also you shall have your reward.

The next Sublime Bone Dust can be located in Sinners" Rise. This one is yet one more tricky item come find, so hear to this steps an extremely carefully.

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First, take the elevator under from the very first bonfire. ~ exiting the elevator, there will certainly be an alcove located to the left in a watery area. Kill the solitary undead in the means and in the alcove you"ll find your next upgrade.

Next, you"ll need to uncover the passage that leads to No Man"s Wharf. After finding the i you"ve all however found yet an additional piece of Sublime Bone Dust.

Ther must be one alcove ~ above the left of the i (to the left if you room heading come No Man"s Wharf). An stole chest is there, guarded through a royal Guard. Kill the guard and also take the item indigenous the chest.

This one is a little trickier, provided who much of a maze the Gutter is. Before getting come the first Gutter bonfire, acquire to the bridge with a hole over a water-filled round-room that has a bunch the explosive mummies inside of it.

once you"re there, carry out not go down the ladder. Instead, kill the Warrior that is to the left that you. Behind him, you"ll find a chest that has your coveted Bone Dust.

there is a second Sublime Bone Dust located at Hunstman"s Cospe in addition to the one that can be uncovered just prior to the Executioner"s Chariot. This one is a little trickier come locate.

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from the bridge that you require to lower at Huntsman"s Copse, walk right. Look at around and also you"ll find a roof v a hole in it. Run in and claim your following Sublime Bone Dust from a chest.

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The many invisible ghosts the players are compelled to fight in ~ the Shaded Ruins make it a horror display to try and traverse through. However, if you do it through, you"ll be rewarded v finding another Sublime Bone Dust at the Shaded damages Bonfire.

over there is a window to your left. Jump out of it. After landing walk to a structure that is located to your left. Within is an stole chest containing specifically what you space looking for.

The final Sublime Bone Dust deserve to be found at, arguably, Dark Souls 2"s many beautiful place -- Drangleic Castle. The end of all of the Sublime Bone Dust locations in the game, this is probably the simplest to reach.

Simply get in the castle and also head come the left that the staircase. Now go v an alcove and also there"s a room on her left that has actually the last Sublime Bone Dust.