Earlier this week, thousands of fans signed a petition command at Saturday Night Live creator and also executive producer Lorne Michaels to have actually him carry in Ryan Reynolds to organize the so late night map out show. However, these fans didn"t want Reynolds to host the show as himself as is customary for celebrities come do. Instead, they wanted Reynolds to hold SNL as Deadpool, package office topping, fourth wall surface breaking, smart ass mercenary.

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Even despite Lorne Michaels hasn"t responded to this petition, and also he probably never will, Ryan Reynolds took the moment to craft a an answer to this request by Deadpool fans. However he did the in precisely the kind of method that Deadpool would: through spoofing the timely leak the yet an additional rant that Kanye West walk on backstage at Saturday Night Live when he was a music guest critical weekend.

Here"s the leaked audio the the rant from when we almost saw Deadpool hosting SNL in the 90s:

Actually DEADPOOL was going to host ago in the 90s, however then this happened. Say thanks to god Tom Hanks was available.https://t.co/7pyPEMysdY

— Ryan Reynolds (
VancityReynolds) February 20, 2016

As us mentioned, this riff indigenous Reynolds as Deadpool is making fun of a recent rant that Kanye West walk on. Supposedly some alters were made to his stage set-up an extremely shortly before he was going to do on the live transfer of the show, and also he was not happy in ~ all. And thus, he went on a rant talking about how significant he is, slamming Taylor Swift (hence the Rip Taylor joke) and also more. You deserve to hear West"s original rant over below if you"re curious.

Does this kind of an answer potentially average that Deadpool hosting Saturday Night Live may be a possibility? more than likely not. Even though SNL has actually been organized by fictional characters before, consisting of Paul Reubens as Pee Wee Herman and Don Novello together Father Guido Sarducci, the personality of Deadpool tho poses some logistical problems. Talking v that mask would certainly be nice difficult, and Deadpool is a really raunchy character, which doesn"t job-related well on broadcast TV, also in a much more forgiving late night slot. For this reason while it would certainly be fun, it"s not most likely to happen.

However, the doesn"t median Ryan Reynolds can"t come back and host as himself, make it most likely that Deadpool would appear in a sketch or 2 throughout the night. Plus, if Reynolds comes ago and hosts, there"s a better chance the mocking his other negative decisions favor Green Lantern.

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As that now, the next episode the Saturday Night Live will be hosted by Jonah Hill on in march 5th, which way by the time Ryan Reynolds would host SNL, the buzz top top Deadpool will certainly have passed away down considerably. But Reynolds is the sort of star who could really hold at anytime and still do it a funny episode. If SNL makes any decisions around this possibility, we"ll be certain to let girlfriend know.