BibliographicEntryResult(w/surroundingtext)StandardizedResultSubstanceMass thickness (kg/m3) Blood (whole, 37ªC)
Cutnell, man & Johnson, Kenneth. Physics, fourth Edition. Wiley, 1998: 308.

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Table 11.1Mass Densities of typical Substances
1060kg/m3Benson, Katherine. MCAT Review. Emory University. 1999."Typical worths of the density of blood plasma and blood cells room 1025kg/m^3 and also 1125kg/m^3, respectively."1025kg/m3(plasma)1125kg/m3(bloodcells)"Blood." Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia. 1985: 157."It has a characteristic odor and a details gravity between 1.056 and also 1.066"1056–1066kgm3Hinghofer-Szalkay, H.G. And also Greenleaf, J.E. Constant monitoring the blood volume transforms in humans. Newspaper of applied Physiology. Vol.63 (1987): 1003-7.1043–1057kg/m3Ageyama, Naohide, et al. Details Gravity of entirety Blood in Cynomolgus Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys, and Tamarins. Contemporary Topics in Laboratory animal Science. Vol.40, Issue3 (May2001)."The worths for the typical SGB ± 1 conventional deviation are: cynomolgus monkeys, 1.0526 ± 0.0019 ; squirrel monkeys, 1.0555 ± 0.0037 ; and also tamarins, 1.0582 ± 0.0020 ."1052.2–1058.1kg/m3

Blood is a fluid tissue created of approximately 55% fluid plasma and 45% cells. The 3 main types of cells in blood are red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. 92% that blood plasma is composed of water and the other 8% is composed of proteins, metabolites and ions. The density of blood plasma is roughly 1025kg/m3 and the density of blood cell circulating in the blood is about 1125kg/m3. Blood plasma and also its contents is known overall blood. The average density of entirety blood because that a human being is around 1060kg/M3.

Blood density changes with human body posture. Venous blood thickness is greater when a human is stand than once he is sitting. The complying with charts show the venous blood densities that 6 subjects as they adjust body positions during a 10 minute period.

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Blood density additionally varies from varieties to varieties and between genders within a species. The complying with chart show the outcomes of a blood densinometry research done top top various types of monkeys.

Average Blood thickness (kg/m3)CynomologusMonkeysTamarinsSquirrelMonkeys

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