Areversible processis onewhose direction can be reversed by inducing minute changes to the residential property of the system. The mechanism isin thermodynamic equilibrium throughout.An irreversible process is one thatwhen the cannot go back to the early system and surroundings.

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Determine whether each of these procedures is reversible or irreversible.

Drag the suitable items come their corresponding bins.

Bins: Reversible and also Irreversible

1) solid melt infinitesimally slowly at its melt point

2) a single swing that a actual pendulum

3) gas condensing infinitesimally gradually at the condensation point

4) solid melt infinitesimally slowly over its melt point

5) fluid freezing below its freezing point

6) fluid freezing infinitesimally gradually at its freezing point

7) a single swing of a frictionless pendulum

8) fluid vaporizing infinitesimally slowly at its boiling point

9) gas condensing listed below its condensation point

10) fluid vaporizing above its boil point

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