It has always been a hallmark the the London dining scene, that simply when girlfriend think that can’t push itself come any greater level that innovation/absurdity, that flips friend a figurative finger and also shoots because that the moon. Move over role play supper clubs, take a hike rooftop dining, since London in the Sky has actually landed ~ above the Greenwich Peninsular and they’re inviting you chow down...

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On. A. Crane


Get increase close and an individual with some of the city"s most iconic sights at this distinct dining experience.

Walking right into the pop-up"s link feels like a expedition through the looking-glass. Native the concrete and commotion that Greenwich North, you step right into an English garden replete with deck chairs, high hedges and also sun-lounging groups sipping on fizzy cocktails. At the center of it all is a white picket fence - a cordon for the two tiny fields where your floating dinner table is being prepared for elevator off. 

Once strapped right into your seats, the London in the Sky flight attendants take over. The melody blare, the welcome hoots happen and also a crane careers you approximately 100ft. I’d recommend that longer-haired diners load an emergency scrunchie since things acquire pretty windy at this point. Through that in mind, I"d likewise advise keeping a firm host on your napkin. 


Dine on a refreshing, seasonal menu of top quality eats native The society Pantry team.

We’re right here for their Dinner trip (£149) wherein the catering comes from the society Pantry team. Food is prepped at ground level then finished on-high, so we bear witness come the last dressing of our heritage tomato and whipped feta salad. This food proves the perfect cooler ~ above a balmy June evening, a colourful screen of new tomatoes sprinkled through black olives and bolstered by sweet, silky slivers that agrodolce red onion. 

The table turns slowly throughout the meal, offering you the complete panorama from the modern mouldings that The Dome and also Canary Wharf, come the much off spikes and also spires that the old city vista. Our evaluation of the sights is stolen by the illustration of the main course - a beautifully soft and flaky little of hake add by a crushed potato cake, new veggies and also courgette puree. That is with great regret I need to admit the a hake flake did take a dive right into the abyss. I deserve to only say come whoever or every little thing it may have actually hit: you need to actually be honoured to be touched by together a fine piece of fish.


It"s for sure to say the London In The Sky is among the city"s many high-octane activities. 

Dessert transforms out to it is in a zinger as well, with a sizeable sliver the citrus tart appearing in our location settings to bring the 3 courses come a crowd-pleasing end. And with plates clearing away, you"ve still obtained a bit more time come soak up the sunset before your go back to Earth.

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The Digest

Cutting a slick silhouette versus the skyline, the no surprised that London in the skies has marked itself out as one of the city’s sexty dining experiences. Indigenous the views to the dishes, nothing is compromised, and also there’s just something about potentially upending your entire plate into the ether the lends food that little extra flavour.