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Diplomatic immunity, fuck "emAll that peace and that unityAll that weak shit"ll destroy me, fuck "em, yeah"Cause niggas began talkin" come me like I"m slowin" downOpinions over statistics, of courseGassed off journalisticCome in ~ me and all you"ll obtain is the ballistic reportBooked a personal room in ~ Wally"s, waiter twistin" the corkI acquired multi-colored rings favor the Olympics, that courseAt compensation shows, cuttin" through the tension, of courseGirls huggin" me climate askin" me, "What scent that is, boy?"I it is in walkin" around the Six prefer I created it, boyYeah, that am I? The perform or dieThe one through the fewest lies and the truest tiesThey shot to compare us, butLike a task straight outta high institution there"s no you and also II taught you every little thing you know, now you gained student prideAll factual, I contact the residence "the embassy"The studio "the chapel", I hate to travelI simply pulled increase on Solána show, the girl"s a naturalI knew her way back as soon as Hollywood was internationalYeah, the farthest I"ve been, that"s word to mine endsWord to the flags that belong in the hood of mine BenzVery presidential, I damaged all the codes because that zonin" in mine residentialI broke spirits that I never meant toMy body isn"t lot of a spiritual temple, with vodka and also wineAnd sleep in ~ the the contrary timesPromise shit is gettin" outta heat like as soon as you make a stencilOr gettin" outta line like once you rest a pencilViolatin" the treaty of VersaillesChampagne is the alias, however no cease and desist in II refuse come comply through regulationsI hear to hefty metal because that meditation, no silenceLike Sanders ~ above the Detroit LionsGet a operation around and also I"ll bury you whereby they won"t uncover yaMotor City Casino, I"m at the cage v my old licenseThey phone call me "don"t worry, I gained your money" choose Osirus(I"m the Osiris that this shit)Dirty 30, workin" ~ above meTired of women that might tag me in photos airin" my dirty laundryCatering is native Giorgio Baldi, Robyn"s favoriteShit is nice, but I like MadeoCalamari rings and also tomatoI got the sauce and now shorties save claimin" preggoWakin" up at 6 afternoon like, "Where go the day go?"Forecastin" tornadoes, brainstormin" retaliation at dinner tables2010 was when I lost my halo2017 I lost a J. LoA Rotterdam trip had actually me ~ above front page thoughI had to lay low, hot Topic choose your daily clothesClosed off yet I could never stay closedBillboard awards, I claimed 13 out in Vegas like SureñosBlack excellence, but I guess once it involves me it"s no the very same though, every goodieThat simply pushed me to carry out the points we every couldn"tNiggas stakin" the end the crib, it"s every gravyProtection that God provided meShit is facility like brief niggas "round tall ladiesI gotta watch who I"m talkin" to like it"s all-agesI"ve checked out buddin" careers turn to sit around and talk about other careers, judgin" your peersKnowledge from niggas who did not contribute to none of this hereCover mine ears, my security government tierYeah, development the venue so we understand the exitsCheck the guest listIf opps do an figure at the very least it"s expectedTell "em ns don"t wanna link like a damaged necklaceI"ll it is in in much better company v my very own reflectionMirror, mirror, ~ above the ceiling of mine suite in the royal PalaceThe TV playin" Al JazeeraInshallah, ns hope the mission keeps on gettin" clearerWhenever, wherever, OVO will constantly be together choose ShakiraI love, i loveI love, i love itBaby, ns