In order come wear the Artefacts that the Tyrant, you"ll need all 5 pieces. Here"s whereby to uncover them all.

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Divinity initial Sin 2 vault the braccus rex and also player with full artefact armor set
solid and distinct armor is plentiful in Divinity: initial Sin 2, if you"re prepared to look around and work for it. Some are very closely hidden and sprinkled across multiple plot of the game, while some deserve to be unlocked relatively early on because that some extr protection. However, in true Larian style, not all armor is without a catch.

The Artefacts of the Tyrant is one armor collection that have the right to be unlocked early on in the game, but which is almost useless until every piece has actually been found. The pieces space actually cursed and inflict negative status effects on characters who wear them, unless the complete armor set is worn.

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as such, the best means to gain the most out that Braccus Rex"s well known armor is come gather every the pieces, i m sorry is a quest that starts in fort Joy when you review the book "Artifacts of the Tyrant". Here"s wherein to walk in Act ns to gain your hands on all 5 pieces.

where To uncover The Tyrant"s Helm

Divinity initial Sin 2 tyrants helm
This is the headpiece the the armor set. Your character requirements to be level 6 to wear it and have level 11 toughness as an attribute.

It provides 3 points of wonder Armor and 15 points of physics Armor. The helmet buffs your toughness by +1 and also grants a distinct Purge ability, i beg your pardon when offered three times will summon a monster recognized as Krylr, who need to be defeated. It also lowers leadership by one.

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To get the helmet, head over to the Decrepit Ruins around at the facility of fort Joy as soon as you"re outside of the fort itself. The helmet is past the door that demands to be opened up by using a cursed lever.

Divinity original Sin 2 is as close come a table height RPG as it gets
The chest item of the armor collection can it is in easily discovered during the quest "The Vault the Braccus Rex." throughout this quest, you"ll visit the Dark Cavern, which has actually the treasure room of the fallen Sourcerer King. His chest bowl is discovered in the last treasure room, end a brazier.

If the piece is worn there is no the complete set, store in psychic the wearer will suffer from long-term Burning condition effects.

The heart of the Tyrant calls for 11 toughness to wear and grants 6 point out of Magic Armor and 34 point out of physical Armor. There"s also a +10% Fire Resistance buff and also +1 warfare buff.

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Divinity initial Sin 2 hand of the tyrant
The gloves the the set are much more difficult to gain your hand on. In order to obtain to them, you require to first figure your way through the Gargoyle"s Maze found in the southern components of the island. The gloves are situated inside a tower at the earlier of the maze, within a coffin that"s uncovered right next to a few barrels, a second coffin, and also two chests.

opened the coffin either requires a trap disarming kit or a whopping Strength 18 attribute.

together for the gloves, you"ll need Strength 11 come wear them, however without the complete armor, they"ll use the Diseased condition effect. They approve 3 clues of miracle Armor and also 18 point out of physics Armor. Extr effects include a +10% Water Resistance buff and +1 Two-Handed buff.

Divinity original Sin 2 Leggings the the tyrant
The leggings the the set, when worn without the full armor set will slow her character under permanently. They require level 6 to it is in worn and level 11 strength as well.

as soon as worn, they provide 4 point out of Magic Armor, 22 points of physics Armor, and also buff your Constitution through +1. Additionally, you acquire +10% earth Resistance.

To obtain these leggings, head to the Caverns south of the fort Joy marketplace wherein the elves space staying. You should play hide and seek v a child named Mody, who will at some point introduce you come his friend Withermoore within the ancient Passage.

Withermoore will provide you a quest, but before you leaving the passage, make sure to check a large statue in this area. You"ll require 15 Wits to in reality spot the Tyrant"s Stride leggings ~ above the statue.