Group: Chapter 4 - Mastering the Source

Starting Map: Reaper"s Coast

To start this pursuit you should talk come Ryker and also offer him your help. Girlfriend will discover him in the Ryker"s Rest.

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Ryker told us of an ancient cavern in ~ the Blackpits region, when bidding us to retrieve a details tablet because that him. That was no willing to take trip to this ar himself, yet - we need to anticipate danger ahead.

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1. Traps

We have actually learned the the Magisters set traps the block for sure passage with the caverns that the Blackpits. They themselves need to rely top top a guide in bespeak to obtain past their own traps safely, for this reason we have to exercise details caution while entering the caverns.

2. Cave

Go come the Blackpits and also enter the cave - come Blackpits Caverns.

We have actually reached a cavern the is safeguarded by range of Magister-set traps. We should try to uncover a means to proceed - no doubt something necessary is happening under here.

3. Workshop

There is a strong Magister visibility in the caverns beneath the Blackpits. They"re after ~ something, that seems.

4. Hurry Dallis

Find and also read official Memo.

We learned the the Magisters have been under pressure from Dallis to pick up the speed of their activities in the caverns.

5. Magnificent Staff

Find Magister Gremory (Magisters vs Voidwoken (lvl 13)), death him climate loot and also read Excavation Log.

We learned the the Magisters uncovered something the they referred to as "The Aeteran". They seems to be in a hurry come send it to Dallis, that can"t be a an excellent thing.

6. Ataraxian Journal

Find Journal and also read it.

It appears there have been strange occasions unfolding in ~ the excavation site - uncertain visions and also sensations have assailed those functioning down here, unnerving them. Just what type of strength is at job-related down here...?

7. Other Tablet1

Find Eerie Tablet.

We uncovered a strange tablet computer covered in runes. Once we touched it, we experienced a emotion of gift in a dark, limitless void. A voice dubbed out "Godwoken" come us. What was the place...?

8. Various other Tablet2

Find Eerie tablet computer / tablet of the Eternals.

We come a throughout an odd, rune-inscribed tablet them seemed to glow indigenous within. As soon as we touched it, we felt tremendous energy flow through us. Somehow, we knew that the inscriptions were ancient Rivellonian. A phrase pertained to our mind"s eye - "One must rise". Then, the sensation passed. Clearly an ancient power lingers here.

9. Magister Ghost

We learned native a Magister soul that Dallis and Vredeman are in search of a powerful object called "The Aeteran". This supposedly has an infinite capacity to take source from anything and also anyone.

10. Magister Ghost2

We learned indigenous a Magister heart that Vredeman managed the excavation in stimulate to find a an effective object dubbed "The Aeteran". Dallis seemingly had actually plans to usage this artefact versus Sourcerers.

11. Black Ring Hint

A black color Ring sinner told united state that the Magisters were trying to find some ancient relics down in the surrounding caverns.

12. Black Ring Reveal

A black color Ring sinner told united state that Dallis was looking for some sort of powerful object referred to as "The Aeteran".

13. Temple

Go to ancient Temple.

We found an old temple of sorts, in the deepest component of the Blackpits caverns.

14. Puzzle Find

The temple appears to be defended by some type of magical barrier. Maybe we can uncover a way to tamper through it.

14.1. Puzzle Hint

Take Diary from Skeleton and also read it.

Rhalic - Earth

Duna - Air

Tir-Cendelius - Blood

Zorl-Stissa - Fire

Vrogir - Muscle

Xantessa - Mind

Amadia - Magic

We learned that some time ago, an excavator called Wulfrum made it as far as the temple. He uncovered a link between the pillars to the Seven, and particular elements or traits. His studies attracted the adhering to conclusions for each god: Rhalic - Earth, Duna - Air, Tir-Cendelius - Blood, Zorl-Stissa - Fire, Vrogir - Muscle, Xantessa - Mind, Amadia - Magic. It seems that Wulfrum"s helpers feared what was under here, and Wulfrum himself began to hear faint voices in his sleep. We must remain ~ above alert.

14.2. Puzzle Solve

Check the end the Sculpture through Glyphs to learn the riddle.

Our an initial lord"s babes with power glowed, our second"s born in blood the flowed.

Our third"s young to the wind return, our fourth"s to glow flames adjourn.

Our 5th lord"s cubs v minds to be blessed, our sixth"s had actually brawn beyond the rest.

Our seventh"s brood spread from earth to glen, and also thus no King shall climb again.

Then usage the pillars in the correct order - Amadia, Tir-Cendelius, Duna, Zorl-Stissa, Xantezza, Vrogir, and also finally Rhalic.

We controlled to remove the magical obstacle surrounding the temple.

15. Open up Tomb

Open old Sarcophagus. The Eternal Aetera will certainly appear.

We opened up a sarcophagus, releasing a strange, old being that called itself an Eternal. She seemed to be fairly dismayed to lay eye on us, together we be afflicted with the likeness that "the 7 lords". The being provided that our god must have actually won their problem with her type after lock sealed she in this place, and remarked that we, your creations, it seems ~ to be little more than "Source Vats". Just what is this "Eternal"? and also what does she mean...?

15.1. Speak Aeteran

The Eternal spoke of a strange Source-consuming maker named "The Aeteran".

15.2. Speak Aeteran Dallis

The Eternal speak of a strange Source-consuming an equipment called "The Aeteran" - very same thing that Dallis sought!

15.3. Eternal Fight

We were unable to reason with the Eternal - that tried to death us and absorb our Source. We had actually no an option but to death it.

15.3.1. Eternal Killed

We killed the Eternal.

16. Tablet

Take Ancient stone Tablet from the Energy Chest.

We found an ancient tablet deep beneath the Blackpits. It seemed to bear pictographs of exactly how to construct some sort of scythe. One odd thing to save down below - perhaps it"s more important than it looks.

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17. Nearby Left R C

We departed from Reaper"s coast without investigate the caverns in ~ the Blackpits.