Group: Chapter 2 - Escape indigenous Reaper"s Eye

Starting Map: Fort Joy

To start this quest you must talk to Magister Yarrow. Girlfriend can additionally go directly to Migo.

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Magister YarrowFort Joy

MigoFort Joy

Door come the FortFort Joy

Yarrow FlowerFort Joy

Yarrow FlowerFort Joy

Yarrow FlowerFort Joy

1. Start #1: details Gheist

Talk come Magister Yarrow and offer her help.

We met a Magister, Yarrow, who wants to uncover an Sourcerer named Migo.

2. Start #2: Migo Spot

This entry will be included to her journal as soon as you gain closer to the place where Migo is located.

We spotted a strange figure on the beach nearby. Blood and also corpses surround him. Whatever"s walking on, probably we should provide him a vast berth...

3. Gheist is Dead

Talk to Migo and also then death him. You can loot Migo"s Ring and Migo"s Breastplate.

The Gheist we encountered at the coast is dead.

4. Pacified Gheist

Talk come Migo and also give him Yarrow Flower. He will provide you Migo"s Ring.

We provided a Yarrow flower to the Gheist - it had actually a pacifying effect.

5. Finishing #1: Gheist is alive - Peaceful

Migo must be alive, therefore you offered him Yarrow Flower. Go back to Magister Yarrow, call her about Migo and also give she Migo"s Ring as a proof.

We offered Migo"s ring to Yarrow, and told her about his condition. It turns out the he is she father, and has gone through a transformation at the hand of the Magisters.

Quest is completed but you must visit Migo"s location one an ext time. Magister Yarrow will be there, talk to she father. Talk to her, as a reward because that help, friend will receive Magister"s Key indigenous her. This key will enable you come unlock Door come the Fort.

5.1. Search Reward

Magister Yarrow rewarded us for finding her father, Migo.

6. Ending #2: Gheist is Dead

You have to kill Migo then speak to Magister Yarrow and also give she Migo"s Ring.

We gave Migo"s ring come Yarrow, and informed she of his death. It turns out the he was her father, and also had to be transformed right into a gheist by her fellow Magisters.

7. Nearby Left fort Joy Yarrow

We have escaped from fort Joy. We will certainly no much longer be may be to help Magister Yarrow v her request.

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8. Near Left fort Joy Migo

We escaped fort Joy without gift able to describe who this strange Gheist was.