You should be close to level 15 by now, which way you get an achievement soon. You require to have one that your an abilities up come level 5 and learn 6 novice skills, 4 adept skills, and 2 master skills. Some of the master an abilities require girlfriend to it is in level 15 come learn. If you aren"t close to I suggest you begin levelling up her characters skills to 5 as obviously some of the Master an abilities are seriously powerful. If you yes, really aren"t also keener on an altering your capability up, or simply don"t want to invest the gold you deserve to save, use one of the companions girlfriend aren"t using and get this success using them, then reload.

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You"ve gained That miscellaneous SpecialLearn every the skills within one ability tree.

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Luculla Forest

Teleport to Luculla forest - Cabin of the White Witch and you"ll want to head N and also E to wherein you dealt with Grumble the toll fee troll (x:256, y:139) and also then head S from there and E again. There"ll be a couple of encounters consisting of one v a mini-boss (x:341, y:134). Make sure to use the throttle points together this fight can be a little bothersome. Begin heading throughout the bridge to the NE that the area wherein you fought the mini-boss, your characters will cite that they might sneak pass the goblin, don"t carry out that. Instead fight it and also this will make more enemies generate as you go along, making the EXP optimal.

The way forward is linear so ns won"t be discussing much other than a waypoint shrine (Luculla woodland - Troll King cavern Entrance)(x:355, y:195). Disregard the cavern entrance alongside the shrine, save on the path. At the fork (x:215, y:167) continue to be to the right, as the path to left offers less battles but there space traps on the path. Ultimately you will involved the cave entrance come the mines (x:81, y:212)

Upon start the mines you"ll discover a waypoint shrine (Luculla Mines - Entrance). One thing to note is that while you"re in the mines, girlfriend won"t have the ability to use her pyramids. Head come the right and eventually you"ll run right into some prisoned goblins, fight the lever and kill them, this is needed for a quest, for this battle you execute not desire to explode the barrels in the room together there is an imp in there who will teleport back to finish of Time after ~ speaking through him, but you can utilize the door together a chokepoint easily. Make sure you loot the goblin head ~ combat too. Carry out NOT go NE indigenous this room as you"ll conference some opponents that room invulnerable best now. You have the right to bcacktrack to the W and also enter the room to the S for an RPS examine (a nice small thing you can do is sell your items to the NPCs) which you can kill the enemies after that and you"ll discover your items, and also their prey on the ground!, you deserve to now punch the fuse in the SE the the room for part EXP together well.

Teleport earlier to Luculla forest - Silverglen and also head come Lawrence"s Office, speak to Lawrence offer Lawrence the goblins head. Carry out NOT suspicion him that endangering the miners yet. Head come Nadia"s Shop and also talk with Nadia come tell her around Lawrence and also show she the letter, then follow her back to Lawrence"s Office. Because that the far better trait outcomes, select to allow Nadia call the town. Follow Lawrence under the steps, and choose to spare him. Feel free to booty his office, then go back to Nadia"s shop and speak v her, this resolves a quest and also she enables you to loot her shop because that free.

Teleport earlier to Luculla Mines - Entrance and this time, head left. There"ll be someone talk at you, move the crates to interact with him. Strike the cave-in to her left and also continue on. There will certainly be a room simply to the right as you ring the corner with an additional RPS check, and another market items/kill adversaries opportunity. Make certain you ruin the totem in the center of this area, and also continue on NE.

Teleport ago to Luculla Mines - Entrance and also head back to the right, where the prisoned goblins and save. Upcoming is the many patient and frustrating part of this game. You"ll need to send one human sneaking through fatality Knight patrol locations to acquire to the next waypoint. Why sneak? since you can not kill death knights yet, castle literally are invulnerable to all damage. Remember that you can use to scout ahead. You"ll want to head NE, till you check out a bridge that friend can throughout going E and also a nearby waypoint which you desire to gain to (Luculla Mines - Chasm) which you have the right to have the rest of her party waypoint come regroup. An different is the you can use the invisibility spell, however you"ll need to wait until the death knight that patrols down close to the cabinet to start heading back up, and also to sneak closer to the leg otherwise it"ll most likely run out before you get across the bridge.

From the waypoint shrine, you desire to head S, being careful of the death knight that patrols on the bridge, and also one top top the path from the left. There"s likewise a the majority of traps right here on this path so you should lead with a perceptive character and disarm them, or just blow them increase from afar and also cast rain so you have the right to move quickly away from the bridge and also the 2 death knight patrols. The way I went around it is i went ahead v Bairdotr who might detect the mines, and I go to watch the mines and blew them increase from afar, making certain I hugged the W side close to the leg so the knight through the shorter patrol would certainly not detect and stopped at the barricade, and then I sent out each member alone to capture up, saving once I would gain through safely.

You"ll discover an immaculate camp now which you have the right to do a market items/kill enemies opportunity v an RPS check, yet make certain you talk through the Immaculate who RPS checks you for some updates for quests. Proceed along ~ above the route to the S, there space still mines along the path, and also eventually you"ll with a barrier with a death knight on the other side, this is your last death knight encounter. Knock down the best side barrier and also look ahead using , as quickly as the fatality knight start the room and also then starts heading the other means book it to the SE and also you need to eventually come to the door safely. That"s it because that the death knight section, congratulations, make certain to save! Talk through the door and also answer Sadakandras! to have actually it open, contine on forward.

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Feel totally free to prey this room, but make certain to save before you head up the stairs, together you effort it Leandra appears to have a littel talk with you, after i m sorry she summons 3 fatality knights, have actually no are afraid though these fatality knights are super slow, and also you can"t damage them anyways so have your party run up the stairway behind you until you come to a barricade, you"ll have to break that down however you should have actually ample time to perform this. You have the right to slow under the death knights v Oil, Ice wall and summons potentially. In ~ the end you"ll run right into a mirror, talk through it and also have it teleport you to the library and also you"ll be the end of combat and totally free from the fatality knights.

This area has actually lava and also a the majority of fire therefore loot what girlfriend can, until you gain to the next mirror and asked come be sent to the High Priestess" Office, enter the forcefield and also loot the area, making sure to get Leandra"s rap Notes, and also Leandra"s Spell. Head back to the mirror and also ask to be sent to the crypts. Talk v the mirror again and ask come be sent to the entrance hall, head SE follow me the path, if you desire to acquire the chest come the ideal you see, use teleport as stepping top top the surrounding rocks causes the lava come rise. In ~ the end of the area ask to go to the sun, as the means to the yellow is no much longer available. Doing for this reason unlocks