The very first game to be a hit once it to be released in 1987. The video clip game has seen huge sales an international with its detailed storyline and also an arsenal of interesting characters.

But, few characters in the video clip game civilization are together cool as Solid Snake, the protagonist of the metal equipment series. The guy is surrounded by mystery, through his cold and quiet nature only adding to it. Snake has actually stamped his location in the history of gaming as among the ideal characters ever.

The video game was critically acclaimed together the finest game to come out in the late "80s. It is viewed as the pioneer the stealth and also cinematic based video games that room popular even today. The substantial success the the an initial game caused eight more games in the collection being released to date and another eight spin-off games.

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"Metal equipment Solid" line Quotes

Find the best quotes from the an initial installment the the well-renowned series. Friend will additionally find funny hard Snake estimates here.

1. “It’s easy to forget what a sin is in the center of a battlefield.”

— solid Snake, ‘Metal equipment Solid’.

2. “A solid man doesn’t must read the future. He makes his own.”

— hard Snake, ‘Metal equipment Solid’.

3. “Unfortunately, killing is one of those things that gets easier the an ext you execute it.”

— solid Snake, ‘Metal equipment Solid’.

4. “Solid Snake: There room no heroes in war. The only heroes I know are one of two people dead or in prison. One or the other.

Meryl Silverburgh: however Snake, you"re a hero, aren"t you?

Solid Snake: I’m just a guy who’s good at what that does: Killing.”

— ‘Metal gear Solid’.

5. “There’s no happiness to be found in death... No tranquility either. Ns leaving right here alive.”

— hard Snake, ‘Metal gear Solid’.

6. “Otacon: Snake... Perform you think love have the right to bloom, also on a battlefield?

Snake: Yeah, i do. I think at any time, any place, world can autumn in love v each other. But... If friend love someone, you have actually to be able to protect them.”

— ‘Metal equipment Solid’.

7. “If girlfriend ask me, yes no delight to be discovered in death... No peace either. I’m leaving right here alive.”

— heavy Snake, ‘Metal gear Solid’.

8. “Meryl Silverburgh: So... Tell me Snake, what’s her name? Your actual name?

Solid Snake: A name method nothing on the battlefield.

Meryl Silverburgh: how old space you?

Solid Snake: Old sufficient to recognize what death looks like.”

— "Metal equipment Solid".

Best estimates By Solid line From "MGS 2: boy of Liberty"


Great sayings coming from Solid line from "Metal equipment Solid 2" talking around life and also his tardy of the world about him.

9. “Solid Snake: we don’t use firearms to take world down, and we’re not below to assist some politician either.

Raiden: What room you and also Otacon fighting for?

Solid Snake: A future.”

- "Metal equipment Solid 2".

10. “We have to pass the torch, and also let our children read our messy and sad history by that is light.”

— heavy Snake, "Metal gear Solid 2".

11. “Find someone to believe in, and also find it because that yourself. When you do, happen it on to the future.”

— solid Snake, "Metal equipment Solid 2".

12. “It’s no whether girlfriend were appropriate or wrong, but how much faith you to be willing to have - that decides the future.”

— heavy Snake, "Metal equipment Solid 2".

13. “Building the future, and also keeping the previous alive - space one and the very same thing.”

— heavy Snake, "Metal gear Solid 2".

14. “Liquid Snake: therefore the Snake"s lastly come the end of his hole? are you all set now... Mine brother?

Solid Snake: Why are you phone call me brother? who the hell space you?

Liquid Snake: I"m you. I"m your shadow.”

- "Metal equipment Solid 2".

15. “We can tell other people around having faith. What us had belief in. What we found important enough to struggle for. It’s no whether friend were appropriate or wrong, however how much confidence you were willing to have, the decides the future.”

— hard Snake, "Metal equipment Solid 2".

16. “Raiden: human being will remember only the an excellent part, the right part about what girlfriend did.

Solid Snake: yes sir nothing right component in murder, not ever.”

- "Metal gear Solid 2".

17. “The human race will probably concerned an finish sometime, and brand-new species may dominion over this planet. Earth may no be forever, but we still have actually the responsibility to leave what traces of life us can. Structure the future and also keeping the past alive are one and also the exact same thing.”

— hard Snake, "Metal equipment Solid 2".

18. “We’re not devices of the government, or anyone else. Fighting was the just thing ns was good at, however at the very least I combated for what I believe in.”

— hard Snake, "Metal gear Solid 2".

19. “There’s no such point in the world as pure reality. Most of what they contact real is in reality fiction. What you think you see is just as actual as your brain tells girlfriend it is.”

— heavy Snake, "Metal equipment Solid 2".

Great quotes By Solid line From "MGS 4: weapons Of The Patriots"

Best price quotes from the fourth instalment the the well known Metal gear series.

20. “War has changed. Our time has actually ended. Our battle is over. However there’s one more thing I should do... The last punishment I have to endure. Erase my genes... Wipe this meme from the face of the Earth. This... Is my final mission.”

— Old Snake, "Metal gear Solid 4: firearms Of The Patriots".

21. “I’m a shadow, that no light will certainly shine on. As long as you follow me, you will never see the day.”

— Old Snake, "Metal gear Solid 4: guns Of The Patriots".

22. “What tiny time I have left will certainly be spent living… together a beast. A shadow of the inside… of the old age.”

— Old Snake, "Metal gear Solid 4: weapons Of The Patriots".

23. “Well, ns Gonna it is in Spewing the end Poison Soon enough Anyway. What"s One an ext Smoke Gonna Hurt?”

— Old Snake, "Metal equipment Solid 4: weapons Of The Patriots".

24. “Raiden: that was never ever going to job-related out because that me. It even rained the day i was born.

Solid Snake: You’ve acquired it all wrong. You to be the lightning in the rain. You have the right to still shine with the darkness.”

— "Metal equipment Solid 4: firearms Of The Patriots".

Quotes From other Characters


Great sayings from few of the ideal side characters like huge Boss and Raiden.

25. “You’re not a snake and also I’m no an ocelot. We’re men, with names.”

— Revolver Ocelot, ‘Metal gear Solid 3: line Eater.’

26. “The foibles that politics and the in march of time deserve to turn friend into enemies just as quickly as the wind changes. Ridiculous, isn’t it?”

— The Boss, ‘Metal gear Solid 3: snake Eater.’

27. “Real heroes are never ever as refined as the legends the surround them.”

— large Boss, ‘Metal equipment Solid: peace Walker’.

28. “In his eyes, the greatest symbiotic parasite the world’s ever before known isn’t microbial. That linguistic. Words room what keeps civilization, our world, alive. Totally free the world, no by taking men’s lives yet by acquisition their tongues.”

— Revolver Ocelot, ‘Metal gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’

29. “To execute the best thing, you sometimes need to leave the things you care around behind.”

—Big Boss, ‘Metal equipment Solid: peace Walker’.

30. “This is the an initial time I’ve used my strength to assist someone. The strange… that feels type of … nice…”

— Psycho Mantis, ‘Metal gear Solid’.

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