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Chorus:Don"t you protect against it, don"t you prevent what you"re doingYou don"t yes, really wanna stopEh ehDon"t you avoid it, don"t you avoid what you"re doingYou don"t really wanna stopEh ehVerse One: Puff DaddyYeah yeah, uh-huh, inspect it out, yeah, c"monWhether you like it difficult or the live guitarsAnything reduce if it"s warm it"s oursIf it"s no it"s yours, we on the jobEverybody eatin, anyone involvedYou can"t protect against that choose you can"t prevent rapBad Boy avoid what"s the opportunity of that?We don"t stop, so check the, mansions and stacksAnd we don"t need to answer to JackNo wonder we had this lab shit locked, for eight straight summersPull up at the party, eight right HummersSix it is in the 6th 7th and 8th wondersPop corks, we be the toast of brand-new YorkAnd the end West, we want y"all to understandAll we wanna do is make you danceWe understand the song ain"t excellent wrong when the party is hotY"all don"t yes, really want us to stop, perform you?ChorusVerse Two: Lil" KimWhen it comes to the cheese, infant girl role doughFuck Domino"s, strictly diceBet you niggaz won"t flow for this ice, notes is the priceLil sis" to walk away with the dough, y"all niggaz still brokeWhile my pockets ~ above re-upY"all niggaz shit on E, what a pi-tyAin"t it a shame how your man chose meAnd you wanna understand why, it"s foolish simpleEven in the winter, still pull a baller wit mine jimmiesDrive a Ta-hoe, wit many cash flowHe know, anything ns touch ns blowAnd ns crush a show, wit mine luscious flowGotta crew complete of niggaz and also a Lexus tooAll that them hold me under while I"m pressin youSo who stressin who, and also even despite my nigga goneLil" Kim and also Puff Daddy keep keepin the onChorusVerse Three: Puff DaddyNow you deserve to pump this in her jeep, top top an off roadPump this to her blows top top the way to the towBang this til you"re bein old when you in ~ homeOn the six-four, sittin ~ above chromeYo us don"t stall we sphere while girlfriend playin the wallWe in the middle of the danceflo", gettin offGotta bunch of warm chicks gettin live through usAt the end of the night castle gonna slide v usI could tell y"all the rest however it"s ob-viousTo the top now, ride v us, c"monWe don"t stop, we run the game, us don"t watchEvery solitary region, we own blocksNever let up, girlfriend tell me, who execute it betterEvery single I drop, at least two are betterThe track ain"t the wrong once the party is hotY"all don"t yes, really want us to stop, carry out you?ChorusEverything us make is hotThought i told you that we never stopKeep risin to the top, yeahhhKeep risin to the top, yeahhh(repeat over four currently over one more Chorus to f