It was a long and also winding road for Garret Dooley transparent his career in Madison. Two different position alters finally carried him to outside linebacker, where he came to be a heavy rotational player together a junior prior to seizing his possibility to be a difference machine as a senior.

Garret Dooley had a nice performance during an elderly Bowl week, together he showed his emerging skill as a pass rusher while additionally exhibiting his solid play versus the run. He went native a non-grade player as a small to a potential late draft choose or priority cost-free agent ~ a solid an elderly season.

Garret Dooley at Wisconsin’s pro Day on march 14 Jake Kocorowski

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Garret Dooley Measurables

height Weight Arm length Hand size 40-Yard Dash Bench push Vertical Jump large Jump 20-Yard shuttle 3-Cone Drill 60-Yard spaceship elevation Weight Arm size Hand dimension 40-Yard Dash Bench push Vertical Jump vast Jump 20-Yard shuttle 3-Cone Drill 60-Yard shuttle
6"2 248 pounds 32 1/2" 10 1/4" 4.62 secs (4.80 in ~ Combine) 21 reps 33" 121" 4.28 secs (4.31 at agree Day) 7.00 seconds N/A

Height, weight, eight length, hand size, bench press, upright jump, broad jump, 20-yard shuttle statistics native NFL Combine; 40-yard dash and also 3-cone drill native Wisconsin agree Day.

Strengths: Well put together, packs a muscular, dense physique. Improved every collegiate season. Plays v a good understanding that his athleticism. To adjust a physical edge in the operation game. Exhibits theoretical understanding of playing through leverage top top the outside, keeping his exterior arm free. Has actually a pretty rip relocate as a pass rusher. Non-stop engine throughout the play.

Weaknesses: Bit that a one-year wonder. No adept at play in space. Wasn’t asked come cover often. Lacks moves as a pass rusher. An ext of an initiative and clean increase rusher. Lack of length on the perimeter may keep him limited to a 3-4 exterior linebacker spot.

Summary: Garret Dooley is an additional example the what the Wisconsin football regimen has developed on end the past 28 years. An under-recruited child out of high school who supplied a team-first approach and took coaching and eventually occurred himself into a potential NFL player. Dooley is like a 3-4 outside linebacker to capitalize ~ above his capability to pat the run on the line of scrimmage, while minimizing his absence of lateral athleticism.

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He’ll be a special teamer and also rotational player in ~ first, but could work his method into a rotational happen rusher with ongoing coaching.