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9mm AR-15 lower RECEIVERS

The field of available specialized 9mm AR-15 lower RECEIVERS is farming at a reasonably rapid pace.That said it’s essential to remember that you carry out not require a dedicated 9mm AR-15 reduced to have an 9mm AR-15. Because that starters you have the right to buy some Olympic arms 9mm AR-15 Magazines that work straight in a standard AR-15 magwell. The optimistic side to this mechanism is the an upper receiver swap is all that is compelled to switch between 9mm AR-15 and also standard AR-15 configuration. The down side the the Olympic Arms device is the magazines are proprietary and heavy. The other option is to usage a 9mm magwell switch block. The 9mm conversion block come in two styles. One locks right into the AR-15 newspaper well prefer a usual rifle magazine. The other format drops in the magwell indigenous the height of the receiver. I like this format as. Hahn makes the many reliable of both styles. This 9mm AR receiver conversion units typically use Colt format 32 ring magazines based on modified uzi magazines.

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DEDICATED 9mm AR-15 reduced RECEIVERS – 9mm switch BLOCK STYLE

Dedicated 9mm AR-15 lower RECEIVERS come in a pair different variations. The first and most usual style of dedicated AR-15 9mm lower receiver basically has a HAHN switch block built in and also typically offers the very same 32 round Colt magazines discussed above. A pair of instances of these 9mm lowers would be JP Rifles GMR 13, CMMG MK9 SMG specialized 9mm lowers, Orion and Colt 9mm lowers if you have the right to locate them.


The Glock newspaper compatible dedicated 9mm reduced receiver is obtaining market share lately. It’s not surprising offered the shear volume the Glock handguns in the field. An instance of a Glock magazine specialized 9mm AR lower would be Unbranded AR from critical Capabilities. These Glock based 9mm AR-15 conversions typically have a magazine well sized because that Glock magazines. These cannot accept typical AR-15 magazines.


As far as I recognize only the Olympic arms 9mm AR-15 device uses proprietary magazines.

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Note – Most dedicated 9mm AR-15 lower receivers room stamped v the caliber “9mm”. In some jurisdictions this problem when complying with local laws.

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Integral 9mm Mag Well calls for No conversion Block