Silvery Sludge is hard to get, yet it's worth discovering where and how to find it. This overview shows girlfriend two an excellent farming locations for the do material.

Silvery sludge is a late-game crafting material that"s not basic to find in Dragon Quest home builders 2. Since you"ll need it for high-level weapons and also some cursed armor pieces, you"ll have to do a little bit of grinding.

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Below, we"ll present you two areas you can find the material you"re feather for. While over there are most likely an ext drop areas in the game, farming these 2 spots will offer you much more than sufficient of the metallic compound.

Note that you deserve to only get one metal slime per day in each of the following locations. Beating five metallic monsters will net you the Mercurial Magnate trophy/achievement.

Khrumbul-Dun Mines


Travel to Khrumbul-Dun. Go to the Marshroom Naviglobe on the lower level the the mine.

From the Naviglobe, walk straight and also veer toward the left next of the area. Quickly, there will certainly be a shaft/corridor the goes come the left. Take it.

Here, look because that a steel slime. It will certainly be the exact same shape as the various other blue and orange slimes you"ve currently come throughout in the game.

If it isn"t in this early area, continue to monitor the shaft/corridor about to the right, and then take it the very first left as soon as the shaft/corridor opens into a tiny square. The slime may show up in this area together well.


Now, the tricky part is the you should be in this general area at a details time the day. Make sure the in-game sundial (the one in the peak right-hand corner of the screen that mirrors night and also day) is at around 2 p.m.

If the slime does not display up together you do your means through the area, turn approximately at the end and go ago through. Occasionally it takes two to three passes for the slime come appear.

Moonbrooke Cave


Travel to Moonbrooke. Walk to the Castle Naviglobe, then travel southeast. You"re top to the cave that leader to Rendarak.

Once you with the cave, go inside and follow the path to the right. When you with the first semi-large square area (before you start to climb up), turn around and go back to the entrance. The metal slime you"re looking for will appear either when you go into or as soon as you leave.


However, like the slime above, you need to be here at a certain time. Make surethe in-game sundial is at around 7 p.m. Favor before, it may take two or three passes for the slime to appear.

This time, you"ll be trying to find a flatter slime the doesn"t look like any type of you"ve more than likely seen in the game up to this point.

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That"s all you must know about Silvery Sludge in Dragon Quest builders 2. Remember that you need to be in the designated ar at the designated time for the slimes come appear. You will just encounter one steel slime every in-game job at each location.

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