L>answers ANSWERSINTRODUCTIONName the functional teams in the following molecules:Return come QuestionsALKANESDraw all the constitution isomers of C5H12 and C6H14.Draw the Newman projections that the conformers representing the maximum and minimum points on the energy profile. Draw the energy profile the a butane molecule together the C2-C3 bond is rotated v 360� . Surname the complying with compounds:Classify the adhering to pairs the molecules as Constitutional isomers, Conformational isomers or Diastereoisomers.Return come QuestionsALKENESGive the names of the adhering to molecules:Name these molecules (include Z and E wherein appropriate)Name these molecules:Draw the curly arrowhead in the adhering to reaction:Use arrow notation to illustrate the device of the reaction of Br2 with propene.

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Label each types electrophile or nucleophile.Return to QuestionsALKYNESName the complying with compoundsPredict the products in the following reactions:Return to QuestionsAROMATIC COMPOUNDSFill in the missing reagents or assets in the following reactions:Return to QuestionsSPECTROSCOPYWhat is the value of m/z that the molecular ions (integer values) that the adhering to compounds?Which the the following compounds strong absorb electronic radiation in the ultraviolet-visible an ar of the spectrum ?Which the the compounds: CH3CH2COCH3, CH3CH2OCH3, CH3CH2CH2OH, is the following infrared spectrum representative of?CH3CH2CH2OH - note O-H absorption around 3350 cm-1Indicate i beg your pardon of the adhering to compounds absorb around 1700 cm-1 and also around 3500 cm-1 in the infrared region.A compound v molecular formula C3H8O has actually a strong absorption in ~ 3600 cm-1 in the infrared spectrum. Give a reasonable condensed structural formula for any kind of compound whose structure is continual with this data.CH3CH2CH2OH or CH3CH(OH)CH3How countless signals would be intended in the 1H NMR spectrum of each of the adhering to compounds?Give the proportion of signal size observed in the 1H NMR spectrum of every of the adhering to molecules:Give the number of signals, their relative intensities and also the multiplicities in the 1H NMR spectra of every of the complying with compounds:Return to QuestionsALCOHOLSName and classify the complying with alcohols together primary, secondary or tertiaryWhat reagents are provided in the adhering to reactions?Draw curly arrows to explain the nucleophilic substitution reaction the 2-propanol with concentrated HI to form 2-iodopropane draw the product created in the adhering to reactions:Return come QuestionsORGANIC HALOGEN COMPOUNDSPredict the products from the adhering to reactions:Name and classify (1� , 2� , 3� or aryl) the adhering to halogen compounds:Fill in the reagents in the complying with reaction scheme:Return come QuestionsALDEHYDES and KETONESName the adhering to compoundsFill in the reagents in the following transformations:Use curly arrowhead notation to suggest the device of nucleophilic addition of methyl magnesium bromide come acetone complied with by treatment with aqueous acid.Draw the assets of the following reactions:Return to QuestionsCARBOXYLIC ACIDSName the following carboxylic acidsReturn come QuestionsCARBOXYLIC acid DERIVATIVESDraw every the product(s) that the following reactionsFill in the absent reagentsReturn to QuestionsISOMERISM and also STEREOCHEMISTRYClassify the following isomers as constitutional, conformational or diastereisomers:Identify v an asterisk (*) the stereogenic carbon centres in the complying with molecules:Assign the construction of the adhering to stereogenic carbon centres:Identify the construction (R or S) that the stereogenic carbon center in every of the adhering to compounds: provide the framework of :Which that the following compounds is/are meso-compounds ?Return come Questions