Here, us will discover out all about Draya net worth. American media personality, model-actress Draya Michele has actually come into prominence after gift a component of the well-known reality television display Basketball Wives L.A. Later, Draya made her very first scripted acting debut in TV One’s will certainly to Love alongside Keshia Pulliam and also Marques Houston. Draya Michele’s popular made she star lengthy in the Basketball Wives LA. The model and also actress have actually been hugely popular on society media together well and recently sparked dating rumors through yet one more NFL player. The star was likewise featured in Quavo’s fight music track Bubble Gum. 

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She later departed from the show’s fourth season ago in 2015. Michele bagged a supporting duty in the struggle 2016 film The Perfect Match. The model and also actress late launched her swimwear named Mint Swim back in 2011. With as many as ten million pendant on society media, Draya likewise bagged a financially rewarding deal as fans acquired to check out her really own Docuseries revolving roughly her life. Her date speculations with famous artist chris Brown likewise gave her sufficient media spotlight. Let united state take a look at Draya’s network worth. 


The model and also actress joked about the conflict involving Megan Thee Stallion. She to be shot at a residence party where rapper Tory Lanez was arrested. Quickly after, the artist blasted Draya for her joke; Draya defined that the does not prevent residential violence and abuse of any kind of kind and just all at once humans. She additional said that she to be wrong come insinuate the joke. She doe not believe that there is room for violence in any kind of relationship, for that matter; however, she later cleared the air and also stated that she does no support domestic violence.

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The controversy later fizzled. Return not prior to the star come under fire for the inappropriate small joke that costed her together she faced severe backlash online.