Late last week, Drake chose to storage the exotic dancing careers that Lira Galore, miracle Watts, and Maliah Michel in just around the most Drake means possible: by hold a jersey retirement ceremony because that the three women at a piece club as component of Houston appreciation Week. Increasing their jerseys come the rafters to be his way of mirroring the lovely women just how much he has appreciated their contribute to strip club culture, though Michel didn't it seems to be ~ to evaluate the gesture.

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But it sounds as though someone else already has a banner hanging up within of a piece club in Houston, and it's not among Galore, Watts, and Michel’s other dancers. Instead, it’s James Harden, that quickly came to be a legend in ~ one particular Houston piece club after joining the Rockets earlier in 2012 with a trade v the Thunder.

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe Budden and also his co-hosts Mal and also Rory were discussing the story about Drake honoring Galore, Watts, and also Michel, once Mal reduce a bombshell by revealing that Harden has a jersey hanging increase in a strip club in Houston.

"James has his jersey favor hanging from the top," Mal said. "They to be doing that since they stated James has actually been walking in over there spending choose , you recognize what i mean? therefore they gave him his own jersey hanging from the rafters the the strip club."

This came as quite a shock to part people. NBA pan couldn’t think that a strip club went as far as to hang Harden’s jersey indigenous the rafters, even though most of them were excited about it:

But together it turns out, this isn't actually a new development. After doing a tiny research, we discovered that Harden has a banner—not a jersey—hanging in the rafters inside of the Dreams Houston strip club. And it's been up for years now.

The club never really defined why they hung the banner up for Harden, however it's pretty straightforward to guess: v why they did it. Shortly after the touched under in Houston and started play for the Rockets, it appears Harden additionally started security a many time—and money!—at Dreams. A dancer identified as Jasmine Taylor thanked Harden because that his big contributions on on facebook in November 2012:


image via facebook So, as Mal argued on Budden's podcast, that's most likely the reason the banner go up. For everything reason, the club didn’t publicize the banner on social media, but it looks like desires hung the banner because that Harden sometime between when he was traded to the Rockets in October 2012 and also February 2013. You deserve to see the banner hanging in the background of this photograph of Harden, French Montana, Trey Songz, and also Drake, which was among the very first photos desires posted after ~ joining Instagram in early on 2013:

You can likewise see the banner in this photo that Fox sporting activities 1 analyst Nick Wright post on Twitter earlier in December 2013. That doesn’t look prefer many world saw the photo when Wright post it—it got less 보다 10 retweets and only a couple of responses—but you can clearly see the exact same banner that remained in the lift in the dreams Instagram picture:

At some point, Wright's fellow Fox sporting activities 1 analyst Colin Cowherd spoke about the banner top top the radio:

We also found this mention of the banner top top the Rockets’ Reddit page from about two month ago. 

It's quite clear the Harden is faithful to Dreams. He played in one of the worst games of his entire career at the end of the Rockets' playoff operation in May, yet it didn't prevent him from arriving at desires just a few hours later.

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Harden could have an additional banner or jersey hanging at a various strip society in Houston. That does, ~ all, have an ext than $200 million comes his method over the next 5 years, so it would make sense for all the Houston strip clubs to have Harden's jersey hanging in the rafters. However as much as the banner Mal referenced top top Budden's podcast, it's safe to to speak he was referring come the one that's been in Dreams for 5 years now. It's old news at this point, but it's likewise proof that, regardless of whether or not Harden ever before leads the Rockets to an NBA championship, he’s going to go down as a legend in the city that Houston, similar to Galore, Watts and also Michel.