The Weeknd bring away on Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” with more “drunk” than “love”. Rather of a ballad about being in love, Abel goes with a much more literal strategy to the drunk/faded… check out More 

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I've been mixin', I've been sippin'Since ns been 20, on that lean, baby girlI've to be poppin', and I've to be rollin'Since i was 17, I've been geekin' on the waterI desire you, currently nowI'm no tryna crap tomorrow infant I want you, now nowDon't take it my number, don't want your numberI'll speak to you earlier if the head best babyI won't love you, i can't love youUnless the pussy acquired some at sight powersI want you, now nowI'm no trying to fuck tomorrow baby I desire you, currently nowAnd i woke up in the kitchen saying"How the hell go this shit happen?"Oh baby, drunk in loveWe be every nightThe last point I psychic is your beautiful body grindin' in the clubDrunk in loveWe be every night, love, baby, loveWe be every night, love, baby, love

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Wanna crap a skinny version right before her runway showShe the one in the back, sleep running from the blowAnd us did it on the floor, that's why she walkin' kind of funnyShould've never ever put united state on, bitch I'm only 24And everybody salty, niggas prevent your bitchin'Everybody makin' money, we don't have to kick itI'm chillin' with my niggas, everybody got a cribDid one album just to do it, droppin' albums like a pillPercocets, Adderall, ecstasy, pussy, money, weedFaded for a week, ns don't sleep, fuck mine enemiesTry to stay sane is favor a full time hobbyEverything i do, fake niggas constantly copyAll I want to perform is go on tour and drop albumsAnd if i live forever, probably drop a hundreds thousandDick made out of magic, my tongue gained superpowersI wake up up in the mornin', models passed out in the showerAnd i woke up in the kitchen saying"How the hell go this shit happen?"Oh baby, drunk in loveWe be all night, love, five yeah, loveWe be every night, love, oh yeah, loveWe be all night