Dark Souls Remastered is a very different game, and also can be very difficult for who who has just began it. When I first played Dark Souls, ns was an extremely confused around where come go and also what come do, however I did not provide up and kept on pushing through.

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There to be one major thing ns didn’t know about on my an initial playthrough, and also that was that beating Gwyn, lord of Cinder, automatically takes you right into NG+. Ns was shocked once I uncovered myself in ~ the beginning of the game again in the Undead Asylum, discovering that I had actually to finish the video game again come do particular things.

Here room the things you need to do prior to entering NG+:

Buy the end the merchantsTrade v SnugglyKill the FirekeepersPlay the Artorias the the Abyss DLCFarm for rare weapons and armorCollect all Titanite slabsHelp out various other playersGet a an excellent divine weaponKindle as plenty of bonfires as you can

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Buy out the merchants

There are plenty of NPCs in Dark Souls Remastered the have beneficial items for you to purchase. Some of those items help you healing poison, while others break your curses. It does not really issue what the article is specifically, as lengthy as it help you acquire to her destination.

When you activate NG+ by killing Gwyn, you instantly lose access to all the NPC shops after that in the game. Therefore the ideal thing to carry out is to farm those souls, and stock up on whatever you possibly can so you are all set for your next playthrough.

Trade v Snuggly


A lot of civilization probably do not also know there to be a bird’s nest that you can trade with. If you ever go back to the Undead Asylum through the crow’s nest over the Firelink Shrine, and you make your way down the snowy slope, to your left under a pathway is a tiny nest.

As you get closer, a bird named Snuggly starts speaking to you. The does not seem favor you deserve to do lot there, however it is quite the opposite. Once you place a particular item in the nest, and return come menu, and then go back to your game, you will uncover a different item in the nest.

Items choose Twinkling Titanite and also special rings can be derived through this commerce process, however the just downside is the you deserve to only trade for a details item once. But in the end, that is worth the time due to the fact that of all the an excellent materials and valuables you get from it.

Kill the Firekeepers


I recognize it sounds harsh, but killing the different Firekeepers for their souls, benefits you in a large way. Throughout the food of the game, you will encounter 3 Firekeepers: Anastacia of Astora in the Firelink Shrine, Quelaag’s sister in Quelaag’s Domain, and Darkmoon Knightress in Anor Londo.

If all space killed, they will certainly each autumn a Firekeeper soul, of i beg your pardon you deserve to upgrade her estus flask level to get an ext health from every flask. Keep in mental that as soon as you death them, you can not sit in ~ their matching bonfire or warp away from them.

The max level the you can achieve from castle is estus flask +7, i beg your pardon in complete is 7 Firekeeper souls. There are just 7 Firekeeper souls in each playthrough, yet most most likely you will use one come revive Anastacia as soon as Knight Lautrec death her.

Play the Artorias the the Abyss DLC

One vast mistake that i made once I play Dark Souls Remastered is beating Gwyn before I play the DLC. The Artorias the the Abyss probably has some that the finest bosses in the whole game and is absolutely worth the play.

The way to begin the DLC is to go to the Darkroot Basin, and kill the hydra that is in the huge body of water. After friend beat it, walk to the Duke’s Archives bonfire and kill the ice cream golem that is close to the entrance. Friend will obtain a damaged pendant, in i beg your pardon a gold golem will spawn in a cavern near where you killed the hydra.

Once you kill the gold golem, the Dusk the Oolacile will appear and also talk come you. Now return ago to the cave, and a tiny portal will show up to take it you come the DLC

Farm for rare weapons and armor

There are numerous items that you will most likely want to get, yet you have to farm opponents to do it. If you ever shot to farm for anything, perform it in NG+ since it is walking to it is in the easiest NG to perform it on.

it does not matter if friend are searching for a black Knight Halberd or an enchanted Falchion Blade, the most basic time to farm yard is during your an initial playthrough. The more items friend have, the simpler time girlfriend will have actually when you uncover out the a details weapon or armor is yes, really good.

Sometimes it deserve to be frustrating to farm yard for certain things, however it is finest to do it when the adversaries are the simplest so you have actually a much better time doing it. Farming early on will absolutely pay turn off in the end when you desire to try a brand-new weapon or build.

Collect every Titanite slabs

Titanite slabs are more than likely the rarest upgrade product in the entire game because there are just a couple of you can discover in the game world. A Titanite slab enables for a player to update a standard weapon come +15, a lightning weapon to +5, and also standard armor come +10.

Some places include, death the Stray Demon in north Undead Asylum, death a crystal lizard in the great Hollow, and completing Siegmeyer the Catarina’s questline. Lock are likewise a an extremely rare drop indigenous the Darkwraith Knights.

If you want to put in the time and also the initiative to farm yard or find any Titanite slab, that will certainly pay off in the end with the extra defense or damage to your gear, depending upon what you usage it for.The much more of this you obtain in your an initial playthrough, the much easier time friend will have in NG+.

Helping out other players

The best means to have fun in Dark Souls Remastered is to join someone’s civilization and aid them if they require it. All you need to do it obtain a white sign soapstone, and use that in an open area whereby it can be conveniently seen by one more player in your world.

When they watch the summon sign, they have actually two options, come summon you into their human being so you can aid them obtain through and beat the ceo or simply walk away and do nothing. Over there were countless time when I placed a sign down and also did not get summoned due to the fact that their was no one to activate it.

There are those people who room not really great at the game and need the help, or they could be doing basic playthrough with summoning. That does no really matter what they room doing as long as you assist them with whatever they need. If you space going to do this, carry out it before NG+.

Get a good divine weapon

Divine weapons room most helpful when treading through the catacombs, since it kills skeletons, also if the wardens are still alive. Skeletons are more than likely the many annoying adversary in the game due to the fact that once you kill them, castle revive themselves using the help of the wardens.

You can discover a divine weapon from death enemies, or you can make one by recognize a magnificent ember and giving it to Andre the Blacksmith in the Undead Parish. Even if you only use the magnificent weapon in the catacombs, it will certainly make her life soo much easier when fighting those skeletons.

Kindle as many bonfires as you can


Kindling a bonfire is a an extremely useful thing to do, but it have the right to be an extremely costly as soon as it concerns your humanity. When you kindle a bonfire, you usage up one humanity to add on 5 estus flasks anytime you generate at that specific bonfire.

You can kindle a bonfire a full of 3 times in return provides you 20 estus flasks in complete when you rest at that particular bonfire. Your character needs to have his/her humankind to in reality kindle a bonfire, therefore you usage a complete of 4 mankind to kindle a bonfire come the max.

Be warned the the bonfire you are kindling is the only one girlfriend kindle at that certain time. For this reason you usage a total of 3 for each bonfire in the video game if you are human. If you execute kindle a bonfire, the does walk over into your next NG playthrough.


I like how FromSoftware implemented the NG system right into their games. Yet in Dark Souls Remastered, you need to make sure that whatever you do, you should do it before you fight Gwyn, lord of Cinder, or rather you will be brought straight into NG+. If you space a vast fan the the collection like ns am, think about looking at this overview on Amazon because that Dark Souls: Remastered here.

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Everything I have talked about is a substantial tool to prepare you for your next playthrough, probably excluding helping people, however when you carry out beat Gwyn, you will certainly be prepared for an even better adventure. NG+ is more challenging than NG, yet if you are ready, you will not have any kind of issues gaining through it.