NBA players are nearly superhumans. They might be the fittest athletes in the world, however most people don't realize how physically gifted castle are. 

Former pro wrestler and actor Dwayne Johnson observed firsthand how various NBA players are contrasted to ordinary people. It's no a mystery that Johnson is massive, however not even him deserve to compare to two an excellent NBA legends. 

Back in 2013, he showed up with Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal ~ above a video where Chuck and also Shaq had actually a bench press competition.

Then, they took a pic together, whereby Johnson looks yes, really tiny, showing the significant differences between mortals and also NBA ballers. 

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In a current appearance ~ above Jimmy Kimmel Live!, "The Rock" was trolled through guest organize Anthony Anderson, who lugged up the pic and also asked Johnson around it (2:35). 

"Listen, you understand that’s the thing about basketball, right? You understand this, Anthony, due to the fact that you’re a fan," Johnson replied. "You view these dudes; they’re favor weekend warriors and also you’re like, ‘Oh I could ball in the NBA.’ you get about real players and also you recognize conveniently just how large these guys are and how exceptional these men are. An initial of all, ns didn’t have any kind of shoes on…"

Shoes on or not, The rock looked very small between Chuck and also Shaq. Given that the pic to be taken after they retirement from the game and also gained some weight, there was no possibility for Johnson to look bigger than them. 



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