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This 9mm single action only Sig Sauer E26R Legion pistol functions an alloy frame and stainless stole slide both v legion gray PVD finish, and also electro-optics X-Ray3 high visibility day/night sights.

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There is no pistol as associated with the SIG SAUER brand together the P226, emerged in the 1980’s as a replacement for the united state military’s M1911-A1. When the P226 at some point wasn’t preferred to it is in the unified State"s standard business pistol, it didn’t protect against the united state Navy Seals indigenous adopting it together their sidearm of an option for conducting unique operations missions. In usage in some capacity by military and law enforcement in 30 countries worldwide, the Sig Sauer P226 has arisen a reputation as a near perfect company pistol. The P226 functions a lightweight aluminum frame and a stainless stole slide the comes in a selection of finishes. P226’s room chambered in 4 rounds: .22LR, 9mm, .40 S&W and also .357 Sig.

Features include:

M1913 Rail
because that attaching aftermarket accessories prefer a flashlight or laser sight. Decocker for safely lowering the hammer when holstering or save a invited gun.

About Sig Sauer

From humble starts as a wagon to factory to one of the world’s largest firearms, optics, and also ammunition manufacturers; the background of Sig Sauer is affluent in innovation and achievement. After ~ winning a contract from the Swiss government in 1864 for your Prelz-Burnand muzzleloading rifles, the Swiss Wagon Factory adjust its surname to Schweizerische Industrie-Gesellschaf, the Swiss commercial Company, far better known together SIG. In 1949 SIG occurred the SIG P49, the predecessor come the P210 and continued developing small arms for the Swiss military and also police.

Since climate the agency has readjusted its name, acquired other firearm manufacturers, and crossed the Atlantic—setting increase headquarters in brand-new Hampshire. However, what hasn’t changed is the innovative heart that has driven SIG SAUER to develop firearms favor the SIG516 rifle, MCX rifle, P320 pistol, and P226 pistol. With clients favor the Texas Rangers, joined States mystery Service, navy Seals, and dozens that local law enforcement organ nationwide; SIG SAUER is there When that Counts.

item ConditionNewCaliber:9mmWeight:29.6ozAction:Single action Only Semi-AutomaticSafety:DecockerSights:Sig Sauer Electro-optics X-Ray3 high visibility day/night sightsMagazines Included:(3) 15 round MagazinesMagazine Capacity:15rdSlide Finish:legion gray PVD finishFrame Finish:legion gray PVD finishCaliber or Gauge:9mmPistol Night Sights:YesPistol Optics Ready:NoProduct TypeHandgunsUPC798681538812MPNE26R-9-LEGION-SAO