Multiple GRAMMY® Award-winning worldwide superstar Ed Sheeran will bring his phibìc American arena tour to Barclays facility on Friday, September 29 and Saturday, September 30.

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Tickets to the display go on sale Friday, in march 17 in ~ 10 a.m. And also can it is in purchased in ~ and, or by phone call 800-745-3000. Tickets can additionally be purchase in person at the American Express crate Office beginning Saturday, march 18 in ~ noon (if tickets space still available).

The tourism celebrates Sheeran’s landmark third studio album, “÷.” The album, pronounce “Divide,” incldes the universal hit singles, “Shape that You” and also “Castle on The Hill,” both of which made incredible chart entries after their simultaneous January release. “Shape the You” debuted in ~ No. 1 ~ above Billboard’s hot 100 – Sheeran’s first time at the optimal of the all at once chart – and has continued to be there for 6 weeks full so far. Meanwhile, “Castle on The Hill” gone into the warm 100 at No. 6, creating Sheeran as the an initial artist to ever before have two singles do simultaneous height 10 debuts in the chart’s 58-year history. “Shape the You” was quickly certified 2x-platinum by the RIAA, if “Castle ~ above the Hill” earned gold – the first two song released in 2017 to achieve RIAA certifications this year.

“Shape that You” is currently No. 1 in ~ both CHR/Top 40 and also Hot AC radio outlets nationwide while additionally continuing to dominance the peak spot on iTunes’ optimal Songs chart and Spotify’s top 50 (both global and U.S.). The song’s main companion video clip – directed by MTV video Music award winner Jason Koenig– is more achieving document shattering numbers of that own, v individual views in overabundance of 300 million at Sheeran’s main YouTube alone.

“÷” has fast proven an even greater phenomenon than Sheeran’s 4x RIAA platinum certified 2nd album, 2014’s “x” (pronounced “Multiply”). Released on march 3, the album instantly rocketed come No. 1 on iTunes’ charts in 96 countries approximately the world, consisting of the united States and the unified Kingdom. “÷” has actually also accomplished historic levels of steaming success, consisting of the best-ever someday streams for a single artist (68,695,172), finest one work streams for an separation, personal, instance album (56,727,861), and also best an initial day streams for an individual album (56,727,861), the last two statistics almost doubling the vault record-holder’s success. In addition, “Shape the You,” the album’s stellar first single, earn the finest one work streams for a single track v a amazing 10,123.630 streams – besting Sheeran’s own record set earlier this year top top the single’s early release.

“÷” also stormed streaming worldwide charts, through all 16 the the album’s tracks creating the actual height 16 on Spotify’s peak 50 in the joined Kingdom and Ireland. The complete tracklisting additionally instantly entered Spotify’s “Global optimal 50” chart, and the “Top 50” in 13 global markets including Canada, Australia, new Zealand, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, The Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, and also Switzerland.

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Sheeran celebrated the announcement of the tourism this morning with a live figure in new York City’s Rockefeller facility as component of NBC’s TODAY Citi Concert Series. The performance proceeds a long series of high profile media appearances supporting “÷,” consisting of NBC’s The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, CBS This Morning, and also both the 59 annual GRAMMY® Awards and the 2017 iHeartRadio Music Awards.