Slayer performs at the joint on Saturday, march 26, 2016, in the difficult RockHotel.

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By Brock Radke (contact)

Friday, Aug. 4, 2017 | 2 a.m.

Pop stars, steel legends, acoustic rockers and TV emotion … they’re every in the mix for this weekend’s offerings. This are claimed to be the slow days the summer in ras Vegas, yet apparently the entertainment world didn’t gain the memo. Check out these fun options.

ED SHEERAN The multiple Grammy Award-winning singer and also songwriter is simple inescapable ideal now, proven by his recent polarizing illustration in Game of Thrones. Some fans loved the cherubic redhead’s singing rotate in the fight HBO fantasy drama, while rather would rather he pole to offering out arenas and playing his mega-hits like “Shape of You” and “Castle ~ above the Hill.” Sheeran’s tourism rolls into T-Mobile Arena Friday night to kick turn off a vast weekend at the strip venue; rapper Kendrick Lamar performs there Saturday. August 4, information at 702-692-1600 or

SLAYER thought about one the the big four steel acts — v Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax — Slayer has actually notched 2 Grammys and also three Billboard top 10 records, however most important the southerly California thrashers have actually recorded and toured repeatedly over their more than 35-year history. Their existing run lands at the share at the hard Rock Hotel Friday night, with support from much more metal heavyweights, Lamb of God and also Behemoth. August 4, info at 702-693-5000 or

THIS WILD LIFE After they play the intimate Rocks Lounge in ~ Red Rock will Saturday night, the melodic absent duo the Kevin Jordan and also Anthony Del Gross will head out on a southern American tour through Brazil, Chile and also Mexico, and also then suggest toward Australia in the fall. That would certainly qualify as a tape on the rise that you can record right right here in your neighborhood. August 5, info at 702-797-7777 or

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DANCING through THE STARS LIVE: hot SUMMER NIGHTS The TV competition show favorite comes to life through its latest touring manufacturing at the orleans Arena Sunday, showcasing ballroom and contemporary dance team numbers, duets, and other performances choreographed through Emmy winner Mandy Moore. Cast members incorporate Lindsay Arnold, Sharna Burgess, Sasha Farber, Keo Motsepe, Emma Slater, Hayley Erbert and also more. Aug. 6, info at 800-745-3000 or

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LIT & extraterrestrial ANT FARM The Flamingo go Pool’s Sunday Night Jams concert series continues v a team-up featuring ’90s pop-punk acts Lit (“My very own Worst Enemy,” “Miserable”) and Alien Ant farm yard (“Movies,” “Smooth Criminal”). Aug. 6, information at 702-733-3348 or