We carried together the 3 best local Mexican individualities to produce "El Bueno, La Mala y El Feo" (The Good, The Bad and also The Ugly), a music-intensive radio display with a mix of humor, social sarcasm and exclusive interviews.

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Each cast member possesses a completely different layout that represents essential demographic groups amongst Hispanics: the young millennial, the Spanish dominant, and also the assimilated, family oriented Latino. Their different backgrounds, layout knowledge and experience bring a mix of talent and content to kind a winning team.

In just eight months due to the fact that its launch, “El Bueno, La Mala y El Feo” has actually reached the #1 point out in Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, san Diego and San Antonio among Hispanics 18-49, and amassed a society media following of 5M fans.

The display airs on weekdays from 5am to10am PST, and provides entertainment, lifestyle and trending topics in a casual, fun and also fast paced environment. The cast is ambitious, original and also is quickly transforming BMF into the #1 Spanish Language morning show in the nation!

Acerca del programa


meet the hold

On-Air Talent / Raul Molina "El Bueno"

Raul Molinar started with Univision Radio Dallas in 2011 as part of the KFZO-FM “La Jefa” team. Quickly after, Raul joined the morning display of 94.1 FM “La Que Buena,” while likewise being featured in the local Univision Dallas morning TV show, “Vive La Mañana” as an entertainment reporter.

Raul fell in love through radio at the age of 14, once he very first arrived come the United claims from his aboriginal Mexico. In 1998, the was given the opportunity to work for a radio station in Odessa, Texas, wherein he was hired to organize the night shift. V this, he introduced a career where he has actually showcased his talent and expertise on successful radio and also TV shows, as well as behind-the-scenes in radio production and programming.

Throughout his career, Raul has actually been affiliated in promotional projects for national advertisers such as AT&T, Chevrolet, Budweiser and Wendy’s, amongst others. As component of his company to the community, Raul has actually been an energetic supporter that the St. Jude Children’s study Hospital since 1998. He has actually volunteered as a spokesperson for the company in Dallas and proactively participated in fundraising initiatives including Univision Radio’s St. Jude Radio-thon and also “Promesa” Seminar in Memphis, TN.

In 2008, Raul was well-known as the West Texas Personality the the Year through the Hispanic room of business in Odessa-Midland.


accomplish the host

On-Air Talent / Sylvia del Valle "La Mala"

Before involvement Univision Radio, Sylvia Del Valle starred on the famous MUN2 show "Al Tiro con La Bronca", whereby she got to TV audience from shore to shore from 2012 come 2013.

Born in Chihuahua, Mexico, Sylvia come in the United says at a young age. V perseverance and also hard work, she was casted for a TV display called "Al Banquillo con Sylvia del Valle" when she was just 17 year old. She was later on hired together a web traffic reporter for the national radio network Radio Unica, where she additionally produced the show "El y Ella." In 2000, Sylvia was hired as component of the morning show of Los Angeles “Viva” 107.1 FM, wherein she enjoyed good popularity.

Sylvia has actually been energetic supporter the the Children"s Hospital that Oakland participating in many awareness and fundraising campaigns. She has been featured in national Television and Radio campaigns for advertisers such as DirectTV, NASCAR, and also Budweiser.


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On-Air Talent / Andres Maldonado "El Feo"

Prior come joining “El Bueno, La Mala y el Feo,” Andres to be the “El Novelero” because that Univision Radio’s KSCA-AM for four years. The became part of KTNQ 1020 to be in Los Angeles, whereby he shared his microphone through Humberto Luna for two years. Andres then joined Los Angeles’ “La Que Buena” KBUA-AM hosting its midday shift for three years.

Andres began his radio job in Santa Maria, CA, as a customer looking come advertise a restaurant he own in the city. The gas DJ heard his voice and also invited him to sign up with him on-air to tell some jokes. The remainder is history… he to be hired shortly thereafter, and also hooked top top radio forever.

Born in Sonora, Mexico, Andres considers self a mexico cowboy. His career has actually taken him come both the AM and also FM dials as soon as he has actually enjoyed an excellent popularity thanks to his talent and sense that humor. He is famed for his cowboy boots and also hats (he is the proud owner of an ext than 200 pairs of exotic cowboy boots!).

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Andres is a good animal lover and has been an active supporter of animal shelters. He has participated in awareness campaigns on instead of of animals and also their humane treatment. In addition, Andres is also well recognized for offering toys come the kids who visit his radio activations. It is his means of giving earlier to the community for every the year he walk without playthings as a kid.