Ellie Goulding is a 34-year-old English singer-songwriter indigenous Hereford, unified Kingdom. Although she hits prefer “Lights” and also “Love Me choose You Do” from the “Fifty Shades the Grey” soundtrack catapulted she to global fame, the was frequently Goulding’s dating history that do headlines.

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Although she’s to be married to art consultant Caspar Jopling due to the fact that 2019, Goulding has been connected to Skrillex, Calvin Harris, and also One Direction’s Niall Horan, to name a few. She was even spotted snogging Prince Harry under a ceiling at the Audi Polo an obstacle in 2016!

Here’s a quick look back at the many drama-fueled moment in Goulding’s dating history, including her alleged high-profile romance v Prince Harry.


2013 was a busy year for diver as she commemorated her “The Halcyon days Tour” which ran native 2012 – 2014. Throughout that time, she was attached to both “Bad Habits” singer Ed Sheeran and also One Direction’s Niall Horan.

Although Horan admitted the he had actually a like on goulding twice, diver was spotted holding hands through Sheeran in ~ the VMAs that year. Although goulding didn’t confirm or deny and also dating rumors, Sheeran walk on document saying, “I mean, normal human being don’t organize hands if they’re just friends.”

However, in 2014, Sheeran released “Don’t” through the lyrics, “And I never saw him as a hazard / till you disappeared through him to have actually sex, of food / the not prefer we were both on tourism / us were continuing to be on the very same f---ing hotel floor.”

Fans to be able to item together the timeline and also figure out that Niall, Sheeran, and Goulding can have shared a hotel together. Return Sheeran decided not to surname names, the did recognize “everyone f---ing knows” who the track was about.


It appears her fling with Horan fizzled out after she was spotted cuddling approximately Prince Harry at the Audi Polo difficulty a couple of years later. Although neither of them ever confirmed that they to be dating, goulding was inquiry if she was having actually Prince Harry’s son – on live television.

During the interview, when she was asked if she was having actually a baby, diver replied, “No, I’m absolutely not prepared to have actually a baby, no anytime soon.”

The interviewer complied with up with, “Not having a baby through Prince Harry, either, yeah?” which prompted Goulding to speak to the interviews “naughty, mischievous people.”

“Why did I have a feeling that to be going come come up?” request a mortified Goulding.

Although your romance appears to be short-lived, a human body language expert examining a photo of the couple hugging in ~ the event explained, “Their bodies room tightly connected and also they room displaying ‘as one.’ This is the vertical express the horizontal desire in both cases.”


Around the very same time that diver was spotting kissing Prince Harry, she remained in a partnership with McFly’s Dougie Poynter on and off between 2014 and 2016.

Goulding cited the long-distance and also busy touring schedules as a reason for the break. “Dougie is just one of the many special human being in the world and also I’m so happy because that him,” she claimed after the break-up. “He’s doing well in LA and also he’s still one of my best friends. I know he feels the same.”

Although Poynter agreed the he to be on “totally an excellent terms” v his ex, the admitted the although he did score an invite to Goulding’s star-studded wedding, he chose not to attend because he feeling it was “inappropriate.” Ouch!

Interestingly enough, Sheeran was in attendance.

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Goulding herself has admitted that the tune “Don’t” highlighted her promiscuous reputation, i m sorry she says was brought around by a require for “protection.”

“I think, on top of not having a dad, I required protection,” diver explained. “And for this reason that defense came in the kind of men, that partners.”

She continued, “It was out of control; ns didn’t feel choose I could just come out and say: ‘Well, you don’t take me serious enough.’ It simply spiraled.”

At the very least she seems to have discovered her soul mate with husband Caspar Jopling, together the two welcomed their an initial child together, a infant boy called Arthur ever Winter, in April 2021.