I newly saw this answer which says the Targaryens in the show don"t have actually purple eyes but they do in the books. I knew this to it is in the case but a quick search also proved it.

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"She has had her blood. She is old sufficient for the khal," Illyrio said him, not for the first time. "Look at her. That silver-gold hair, those violet eyes … she is the blood of old Valyria, no doubt, no doubt … and also highborn, daughter of the old king, sister come the new, she can not fail to entrance our Drogo." as soon as he released she hand, Daenerys found herself trembling. A game of Thrones, Daenerys I

I"ve seen various posts talking about why the Targaryens don"t have purple eye in the show and they every boil under to the following points:

They looked fakeContact lenses to be uncomfortable for the actorsCGI because that them was also expensive for tiny gainContact lenses obscure "eye acting"

I"ve watched many people making these claims yet have yet to have discovered a resource for them, is over there one?

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Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss stated in the Season 1 Blu beam extra that

"actors act with their eyes, and also really hurt the emotion."

as the factor for removing the colored contacts indigenous Emilia Clarke.

Trying to find/extract a clip for definitive proof...

This to be reconfirmed in a 2017 interview v Time

I additionally remember even at one point we were trying the end purple contacts for Daenerys and was claimed to have one green eye and one brown eye. The fact of that is that a character who’s in the show as much as Peter is in the show, to it is in wearing colored call lenses every day you shooting is a nightmare.

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however sticking come the letter that the publications was important enough that that was every on the table. Ns think by the time Emilia came along we were off that idea. But in the initial pilot we view what acting v purple contacts can do come somebody and also how lot time they spend concentrating on the fact that your eyes don’t feeling right.

So it seems conclusive the the reason you provided in your question are pretty much spot on.