The following has spoilers for Seth Rogen"s man Sausage Party. For real, there room spoilers because that the movie about talking food. This will damage the ending for you, so stop reading currently if friend haven"t yet seen Sausage Party.

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OK, still with me? If friend watched Sausage Party, you understand that the movie ends through Frank (Seth Rogen), Brenda (Kristen Wiig) and their culinary colleagues discovering that they are actually cartoons voiced by actual celebrities in our real world. It to be a meta mind-fuck the a joke, and the really film finished with the animated food stepping v a portal come go fulfill their real-life counterparts, just to have the end credits begin. Ns joked that a live-action Sausage Party 2 would certainly be a price efficient means to quickly and also easily get a sequel right into theaters. Well, as it turns out, the alternate Ending come Sausage Party went the extra mile and also filmed that scene, which you can now clock below:

As you have the right to see, the food finish up on Hollywood Boulevard, whereby they reportedly land near James Franco"s go of fame star. Coincidentally, lock look throughout the street and see three main voices indigenous the Sausage Party actors -- Seth Rogen, Edward Norton and also Michael Cera -- digging into a meal. Which, of course, is horrifying to the food.

Sausage Party co-director Conrad Vernon admits the while castle did movie this finishing with the on purpose of it gift the ideal ending the the movie, castle weren"t acquiring "the bang for their buck" through the disclose of the real-life celebrities. I"m assuming he means in test-audience screenings. But what this method is that if they go actually desire to relocate forward through Sausage Party 2, they have actually the seeds for how they might start it. Or possibly not, since this will certainly be part of the Blu-ray and DVD, the end on shelves on Tuesday, November 8.

A Sausage Party sequel isn"t the end of the kingdom of possibility. The R-rated computer animation comedy to be a substantial hit in August, earning an estimated $136 million off of a report $19 million budget. And also as us reported, Sony pictures is going all in on one awards press for Sausage Party, for both best Animated Feature and also Best original Song, for "The an excellent Beyond."

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