Firefox error code ssl_error_weak_ephemeral_dh_key method that the website is defaulting come an obsolete encryption cipher which is delicate to the “Logjam” attack.

SheilaStaffAsked top top October 20, 2017 in Firefox.

Solution 1. Include Website to Security Exception

“Firefox error password ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key” Mozilla Firefox may have detected that the website your accessibility is no secured. However, if you accessibility your own website or a reliable website, add it come the protection Exception. To include it, see steps below.

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Then click Add Exception to access the Add Security exception window.Then click Get Certificate because that the website and also then click Confirm protection Exception.Refresh the webpage and confrim if “Firefox error password ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key” is fixed.
Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff answer on march 7, 2018.

Solution 2. Disable security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha

“Firefox error code ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key” could be brought about by a protocol security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha. Disable security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha may set your Mozilla Firefox vulnerable to part attack. Make sure the site you room accessing is trusted. If so, try to accessibility it with a disabled security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha. See instructions listed below on just how to.

Type “about:config” in the deal with bar and also press enter key.Click “I expropriate the risk” come confirm.In the search bar type security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha.Double click security.ssl3.dhe_rsa_aes_128_sha , then collection it as false come disable it.
Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff answered on march 7, 2018.

Solution 3. Disable Deceptive Content and also Dangerous software Protection

“Firefox error code ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key” that a result of a security protocol that Mozilla Firefox it may have actually detected an unsecured website. Disable Deceptive Content and Dangerous software program Protection might able friend to accessibility that website if you really to trust it. See procedures below.

Open Mozilla Firefox.Navigate to Security and also disable Deceptive Content and also Dangerous software Protection.Open the website and also repeat equipment 1 step 1.
Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff reply on march 7, 2018.

Solution 4. Configure Date and also Time

If the problem still exists, your date and time might be bring about the “Firefox error password ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key.” having actually an unsynchronized date and time native the internet reasons a most error, this includes “Firefox error code ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key. Mozilla Firefox could have detect incorrect date and also time come falsely detect a security breach. Try to correct her date and also time following the video below, it may fix the problem.

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Gino Genesis MarasiganStaff answered on march 7, 2018.
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