Through stubborn competition and rising stardom, human being of dance talent proceeds to entertain united state all. Also though their fans recognize who they space now, what you could not know is that they were prior to they started to carry out in front of the camera.

World of dance Magazine‘s newest series takes a watch at her favorite dancer’s roots and also their incredible stories about getting wherein they space today. 

Eva Igo

As a usual sixteen-year-old girl, Eva Igo grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota with her parents Dawn and also Pat Igo and also siblings Kayla and Sean. She danced her an initial solo performance at the age of five and also won local and nationwide titles in ~ the period of seven with the Larkin run Studio.

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Before stepping in former of the camera, she featured in an episode of the hit truth television dance present Dance Moms, whereby she recorded a greater score than Dance Moms star Maddie Ziegler. Due to the fact that Igo’s victory versus the Abby Lee dance Company, an post from well known Birthdays says that she has performed in other dance competitions and has won as a jazz, modern and improv soloist weeks later.

In 2017, Igo received a perfect score with her solo “River” in ~ the hall of call Dance challenge in her hometown, making she the very first solo dancer to earn a perfect score in end twelve years, follow to Fandom.

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Months later, Igo to be confident and was ready to come to be a contestant top top the very first season the NBC’s world of Dance. Competing against the many talented dancers in the world, Igo managed to steal the fans and also judges’ hearts and also came in very first in the junior Division, however was the runner-up overall. Comes in second overall encouraged Igo to improve and wanting to reach higher than she was before, therefore she came ago for season 2 of human being Of dance the complying with year in 2018. Igo didn’t make it as much as she had hoped this previous season, yet she offered that as a lesson come become far better than she was before.

Igo proceeds to amaze her fans with every one of her accomplishments. Month after season 2 of human being of Dance, sources from Fandom mentions the Igo winner the 2018 sector Dance Awards for most Fierce Dancer Under 18. She was nominated in the same category as Charlize Glass, JT Church, Sean Lew, and Kaycee Rice. Additionally, Igo was additionally nominated because that a People’s choice Award for Most renowned Person in the US concerning Gallup Institute for the compete Contestant that 2018 category in November.

Today, she enjoys keeping her pan updated on society media once she is traveling approximately the world, fostering dancewear partnerships, and also uploading throwback dance videos of her on her YouTube channel, however most of all, she continues to dance. Make certain to follow Eva Igo on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and also YouTube) to save up come date and join she on her journey to the increase of stardom and also see what her following step is in the run world.

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