Is it monster to feeling nostalgic around something that you don’t really have any business emotion nostalgic about? choose if it’s something that was never really intended for you to begin with due to the fact that you’re not its target audience, however you kinda just miss see the thing around? How can I describe it? I’ll take it you frame-by-frame it — wait, sorry, those space the opening lyrics to O.P.P. Allow me start over.

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What I’m actually here to talk about is Bugle Boy. Yes, Bugle Boy, the heat of mens’ and boys’ clothes that was renowned in the late 80s – beforehand 90s.

If you don’t remember it by name, probably you remember that by its quite distinctive style of colors and patterns that regulated to perfectly capture the era’s architecture aesthetics. We’re talking shade block polos, mountain wash denim, graphic t-shirts with neon layered ~ above neon, rugby strip everything, and a line of sweaters that would certainly make invoice Cosby jealous.


So why to be I feeling nostalgic around a line of men’s fashion native 30 year ago? ns think I’ve efficiently traced that is roots earlier to elementary school school, earlier to a certain boy ns went to school with. A boy who, weirdly, was in my same class consistently each year from kindergarten increase through 6th grade. A boy that some could say I even had a to like on. A boy that every solitary day, without fail, would wear Bugle Boy.

For identity protection’s sake, we’ll just contact him Bugle Boy. And to me, he to be the life embodiment the this brand.

And i don’t simply mean he wore a pair of Bugle boy tops or jeans here and there. I mean full BUGLE BOY, native head come toe, every solitary day, for all seven years that he was in my class. In the winter there’d be those famed elastic-waisted jeans with the clutch braided animal leather belt hanging loose, paired through a brightly-colored sweater in a man pattern. And in the summer it’d be the same other than he wore knee-length jean shorts instead, paired v a branded Bugle young t-shirt in one of the label’s numerous loud designs. This kid had Bugle boy for every seasons. After about 2 or 3 weeks’ precious of outfits, the cycle would repeat and start end again. I provided to do a tiny game out of trying come guess which Bugle Boy height he would certainly wear each day, like among those Mensa succession tests whereby you have actually to complete the pattern.

I additionally used to shot to imagine what his shopping trips come the shopping mall were favor at the start of each school year. Is he the one who insisted his mom buy the the very same brand of clothing season after ~ season, year after year? to be he OCD? Or to be his mom just a practical woman that didn’t have much time come invest in her son’s selection of fashion so she just took the easy means out and also stuck come one brand? You need to admit it’s a small bit insane. When I would see Bugle boy commercials on TV, I would think, “Oh hey, that’s ’s favorite clothing!” and also then I would certainly go around my day. However sometimes I likewise think a component of me was additionally weirdly jealous that the wore this brand through such confidence, such consistency. Bugle young knew that the fuck he was.

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If you to be to chart my interest in Bugle boy (the boy, no the brand), it would certainly resemble a classic bell curve, start slowly in ~ first, before I i found it the patterns, and then peaking around fourth grade when, in ~ my very first school dance ever, Bugle Boy determined to slow-moving dance with someone else to Brian Adam’s “Everything I perform (I carry out It for You).” i was totally gutted. The tapered turn off after that, and then from 6th grade on, Bugle young wasn’t in my same class anymore. And then one day, ns realized I lost interest in Bugle boy altogether.