Who want to kick the Pretty tiny Liars writers once an episode last month ended with Ezra proposing to Aria and also then... She didn"t say yes... Because that the totality two-week hiatus?! It to be a unstable time to it is in a PLL fan.

Aria to be afraid to expropriate the proposal because, as she called Hanna in critical night"s episode, "I can"t promise Ezra forever as soon as my future can be invested behind bars." i m sorry is actually a quite fair allude — she hadn"t however confessed come Ezra that she had accidentally run over Archer/Elliott.

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Hanna reasoned that Aria shouldn"t make the judgment call by herself. If she said Ezra and he still loved her and accepted her, that would be his choice to make.

v that in mind, Aria saw Ezra"s apartment and also spilled everything about the night that Archer/Elliott"s death. He proposed again, and also this time, she said yes!

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Aria said yes!!! Finally!!! #PLLProposal #PrettyLittleLiars pic.twitter.com/7YPJQUbQyP

— Pretty small Liars (
PLLTVSeries) august 3, 2016

Their love is for this reason real and so strong.

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Aria stated yes!!!! 💍💍💍 #Ezria #PLLProposal pic.twitter.com/yYSVc0sgjI

— Lucy Hale (
lucyhale) respectable 3, 2016

This is a large moment. Ns mean, think around everything they"ve been v together, indigenous their first steamy moment in that bar bathroom, to that heart-stopping time she realized he was she teacher, to 6 years of nonstop terror, torture, and also death. It"s a lot! Which defines why the world"s biggest fan reacted like this:

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When you and your best friend fangirl method too hard
everafterhale pic.twitter.com/LtON2cEKdm

— J꙰U꙰S꙰T꙰B꙰E꙰I꙰N꙰G꙰M꙰E꙰❦ (
babylovebadwi) respectable 3, 2016

Ian Harding opened up up come The Hollywood Reporter around how that envisions the couple"s ideal wedding.

"They"re nice in sync through each other, so they could incorporate dreams," he said. "She would most likely do a most boho-chic stuff, yet he would want it in one of the cities of his favourite writers choose Paris or London or even further, like Prague or Lisbon. They would want a location wedding more than anything."

Can we acquire a spin-off series? PLL Goes to Europe? Freeform, please, ns beg girlfriend — take into consideration it.

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