The optimal 7 mods I couldn't imagine playing Fallout 4 without and hope you're not missing out on.

The Fallout series, a lot like the Elder Scrolls series, is one that I conveniently uncover myself immersed in for hrs at a time. In the case of Fallout 4, I"m at roughly 400 hours of immersion. And, while the game is enjoyable out of package, I feel choose tbelow is always room for a little of a personal touch. Luckily for me, there are hundreds, if not countless various other human being out tbelow that share my sentiments and for this reason we have rather the repertoire of mods that deserve to be discovered at the Nexus.

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Presently, tright here are over 15k+ mods for Fallout 4and also even even more for a number of other games. With so many type of to select from, and also over 60 mods currently in my Fallout 4 load order, I narrowed dvery own the mods to the 7 mods I simply refuse to play the game without.

1. Armor and also Weapons Keyword Community Resource


According to the mod web page, AWKCR isn"t so a lot a mod as it is technically a frame to assist standardize the method that modders make their content. Its attributes incorporate the following:

Creates a standardized frame for armor and also cosmetics keywords for mod authors to proccasion conflicts.Standardizes armor and cosmetics slot intake to prevent disputes (added by all significant cosmetics mod authors).Creates a typical armor and tools workbench to be made use of for crafting items added by mods.Adds keyword standards for tools mods & modded weapons.Adds sorting keywords for weapon calibers to make it much easier for weapon modders to put up their gun mods for dynamic sorting.

This helps to not just store points tidy behind the scenes however it also helps to put naming conventions in area that save other mods from overwriting content and also minimizes problems.

2. Armorsmith Extended


On my initially play through of Fallout 4 I was not so happy that I wasn"t able to wear certain outfits and also armor pieces together. That concern was promptly resolved when I uncovered Armorsmith Extended, which permits you to wear any outfit through any kind of armor. This does come through a price though, as this was not the intent of the vanilla game and also tbelow are periodically issues through armor and garments clipping and looking unsightly. Luckily, this concern is solved (kind of) with this following mod.

3. Concealed Armors


This mod does exactly what the name implies; it conceals the armor that the player is wearing by toggling the visibilityof the armor. Additionally, it deserve to also toggle between what version of the armor is visible -- soif you had actually a Heavy Combat Chestpiecefor instance, you can toggle it to look prefer a tool or even a light item.

What I really love around this is that it allows me to wear a cool outfit, prefer The Silver Shroud outfit pictured over, but I have the right to additionally wear armor that allows me to withstand also even more than a handful of attacks....all without looking unsightly, prefer the photo on the left.

4. Handmade Revolver


This is a more recent enhancement to my list however has actually end up being an prompt favorite. The handmade revolver is, in my opinion, one of the best standalone weapons on the Nexus right currently. Not only does it look amazing however it actually scales exceptionally well, so it"s still a viable weapon to use even in the mid-to-late game.

I personally favor to put a rifle barrel on it but store a pistol grip so I have a huge, .308 caliber revolver that does significant boy damages. It"s a mix of comical & bad-ass to watch the V.A.T.S. critical through this hand cannon.

5. Raider Overhaul


After 400 hrs of roaming the Commonwealth and also seeing the same raiders everywhere the area becomes type of a bore. This is wright here Raider Overhaul comes in and also keeps things amazing.

Not only does this mod make the raiders tougher as you progression in your adventure, yet it adds a ton of customized gear and also armor to produce morediversity among the raiders. It likewise adds in Raider Dreadnaughts, fearsome raider juggernauts in a custom heavy armor that are certain to prove a difficulty also at greater levels.

6. Rain of Brass


Rain of Brass is a straightforward mod that exoften tends the lifetime of invested shells and bullet casings so that you can truly appreciate the carnage and also wanton post-shootout devastation. I know that to some it might not seem choose such a big deal, but it"s one of those little details that I just really gain.

7. True Storms: Wasteland Edition


If tright here was just room for one more mod on your mod list then I"d need to recommfinish True Storms to fill that spot. This mod brings brand-new life to the weather of the wastes in the form of even more differed storms and also levels of storms, brand-new storm sound impacts, and also truly terrifying radiation storms that are as beautiful as they are deadly.

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So tbelow you have actually it, my height 7 must-have mods in my load order. If any of these remarkable mods captured your eye be certain to click the web links. Also, tell me about your favorite mod(s) in the comments listed below.