The optimal 7 mods i couldn't imagine playing Fallout 4 without and hope you're not missing out on.

The Fallout series, much like the Elder Scrolls series, is one that ns easily discover myself immersed in for hours at a time. In the instance of Fallout 4, I"m at roughly 400 hours of immersion. And, while the video game is enjoyable the end of the box, i feel like there is constantly room because that a bit of a personal touch. Luckily because that me, there are hundreds, if not thousands of other civilization out there the share my sentiments and also thus we have quite the repertoire of mods that deserve to be discovered at the Nexus.

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Presently, there room over 15k+ mods because that Fallout 4and even more for a variety of other games. Through so many to select from, and also over 60 mods right now in my autumn 4 pack order, ns narrowed down the mode to the 7 mode I just refuse to play the game without.

1. Armor and Weapons Keyword neighborhood Resource


According to the mode page, AWKCR isn"t so lot a mode as the is technically a structure to assist standardize the way that modders make their content. The features encompass the following:

Creates a standardized structure for armor and cosmetics keywords for mode authors to avoid conflicts.Standardizes armor and also cosmetics slot intake to prevent problems (contributed through all major cosmetics mod authors).Creates a typical armor and weapons workbench come be made use of for make items added by mods.Adds keyword requirements for weapons mods & modded weapons.Adds sorting keywords because that weapon calibers to do it much easier for weapon modders to collection up their gun mods for dynamic sorting.

This helps to not just keep things tidy behind the scenes yet it likewise helps to put naming conventions in place that keep other mods native overwriting content and minimizes conflicts.

2. Armorsmith Extended


On my an initial play through of Fallout 4 ns was not so happy that i wasn"t able come wear specific outfits and armor pieces together. That issue was timeless resolved when I uncovered Armorsmith Extended, which enables you to wear any kind of outfit with any kind of armor. This go come with a price though, as this was no the intent of the vanilla game and also there are sometimes concerns with armor and also clothing clipping and also looking unsightly. Luckily, this worry is fixed (kind of) v this next mod.

3. Surprise Armors


This mode does precisely what the surname implies; that conceals the armor that the player is put on by toggling the visibilityof the armor. Additionally, it can likewise toggle in between what version of the armor is clearly shows -- soif you had a Heavy Combat Chestpiecefor example, you could toggle it to look prefer a tool or even a irradiate piece.

What ns really love about this is the it permits me to wear a cool outfit, prefer The silver- Shroud outfit pictured above, yet I can additionally wear armor that allows me to withstand an ext than a grasp of attacks....all there is no looking unsightly, like the picture on the left.

4. Handmade Revolver


This is a newer addition to my list however has come to be an immediate favorite. The handmade revolver is, in my opinion, among the ideal standalone weapons on the Nexus appropriate now. Not just does the look amazing but it in reality scales very well, for this reason it"s quiet a viable weapon come use also in the mid-to-late game.

I personally like to put a rifle barrel on it however keep a pistol grip therefore I have a massive, .308 caliber revolver that does large boy damage. It"s a mix the comical & bad-ass to clock the V.A.T.S. Crucial with this hand cannon.

5. Raider Overhaul


After 400 hrs of roaming the Commonwealth and seeing the exact same raiders anywhere the location becomes type of a bore. This is wherein Raider Overhaul come in and also keeps things interesting.

Not just does this mod make the raiders tougher together you progression in your adventure, but it add to a ton of customized gear and also armor to create morediversity amongst the raiders. It likewise adds in Raider Dreadnaughts, fearsome raider juggernauts in a custom hefty armor that space sure come prove a difficulty even at higher levels.

6. Rain the Brass


Rain that Brass is a simple mod the extends the life time of invested shells and bullet casings so the you can truly appreciate the carnage and also wanton post-shootout destruction. I know that to part it might not seem favor such a big deal, yet it"s among those little details the I just really enjoy.

7. True Storms: Wasteland Edition


If over there was just room because that one more mod on your mode list climate I"d need to recommend True Storms to fill the spot. This mod brings new life come the weather of the wastes in the kind of more varied storms and also levels of storms, new storm sound effects, and also truly terrifying radiation storms that room as beautiful together they space deadly.

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So there you have actually it, my optimal 7 must-have mode in my fill order. If any of these exceptional mods captured your eye be certain to click the links. Also, tell me about your favorite mod(s) in the comment below.